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Vermont Speeding Laws

For many people, getting a speeding ticket in Vermont is a nuisance and nothing more. They think it’s a simple matter of paying the fee and getting on with life. However, that’s not the truth. There are many hidden costs involved in obtaining a speeding ticket. For one thing, you’ll have to deal with increased insurance rates for several years. Aside from that, you will incur points against your license, and if you have too many you could lose your license altogether. Of course, you could always go to traffic safety school in order to get some points removed from your license, but that’s another fee that usually comes out of your pocket.

As you can see, getting a ticket isn’t about paying your fine and moving on. It’s a much bigger matter than that. That’s why it’s so important to fight your ticket. Insurance rates go up every year even if you have a perfect driving record, and the points you’ll incur stay on your license for at least a year.

Fighting your speeding ticket in Vermont is almost always the best way to go. However, before you fight your ticket you’ll want to do some research on Vermont traffic laws so you’re as prepared as possible when you enter the courtroom. Below you’ll find some basic information about the speeding law in Vermont. You’ll also find out how to hire an experienced Vermont traffic attorney who can help you with your individual case.

The Points System in Vermont

In most states, points on your license stay there for a year. In Vermont, they count against your license for two years. However, they stay on your record for longer than that, which can hurt you in the long run when it comes to insurance rates, renting a car, and other driving-related activities. Keeping a clean driving record in Vermont is important, which is why you need to fight your ticket.

The points system in Vermont is based on moving violations, as in most states. If you earn 10 points or more over the course of two years, you’ll have your license suspended. Depending on how fast you were going and in what circumstances you were speeding, a speeding ticket in Vermont will result in anywhere from two to eight points being added to your license. If you pass someone illegally, it’s three points. Failing to obey a police officer will result in four points being added to your license, and driving with a revoked or suspended license will result in obtaining 10 points.

Even a couple of minor mistakes over the course of two years could add up to 10 points relatively easily. That’s why it’s so important to fight your ticket and keep those points off your record.

Can You Fight a Speeding Ticket in Vermont?

Yes, you can, and in most cases you should. Fighting your speeding ticket in Vermont means you get to tell your side of the story and present your case in court. Instead of paying the fine and pleading guilty, you should exercise your right to present your case and argue your side of the story. Winning your case could mean having your speeding ticket thrown out, keeping your insurance rates intact, and avoiding having those points against your license. Fighting your ticket is an investment that will save you years of hassle and fees.

Ticket Void has been working for years with drivers just like you. We’ll help match you with a highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable traffic attorney in Vermont. Only a qualified attorney can help you obtain the best possible results given your specific circumstances. By entering a few pieces of information, you’ll give us what we need to match you with a highly qualified attorney who’s the best match for your case. We’ll email you their information, and your initial consultation is free. You have nothing to lose except your ticket. Get started today, and exercise your right to fight.