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West Virginia Speeding Laws

If you were pulled over and ticketed while driving in West Virginia, chances are you’re tempted to pay the ticket and move on with your day. That response is completely understandable, and it’s very common among ticket recipients. After all, being pulled over and given a ticket was inconvenient enough, and the ticket itself is expensive. Why would you want to spend more time and money fighting your ticket in court? The answer is simple; the number next to the dollar sign on your ticket is just the beginning. The true cost of getting a speeding ticket in West Virginia is far greater than that. Once you start to consider the fact that your insurance rates will go up after just one moving violation – and that those rates stay elevated for at least a couple of years – you start to realize that your ticket will cost much more than just the initial fee. Also, let’s say you wanted to take traffic school courses in order to remove points from your license. That’s another fee that comes out of your pocket. Depending on what you were charged with, you could have even more fees added to the initial cost of your ticket, as well.

Once you start to consider the long-term cost of a ticket, fighting your ticket sounds like a much better idea. If you do choose to fight your ticket, you should do two things: find a qualified traffic attorney in West Virginia, and learn as much as you can about West Virginia traffic law. The following information should help get you started with both.

Unique West Virginia Driver's License Features

In West Virginia, the amount on your ticket may not be the only fee you have to pay. If you’re charged with certain moving violations, you have to pay even more. For instance, if you’re charged with reckless driving, you could face fines ranging from $25 to $500, and you could even face 90 days in prison. Additionally, even if you committed the traffic violation in another state, if you were driving with your West Virginia driver’s license, you’ll still be fined in West Virginia. Of course, you will also incur points against your license for violating the law, which can lead to license suspension or even license revocation in some cases.

The Points System in West Virginia

For every moving violation you commit in West Virginia (or with a West Virginia driver’s license) you’ll incur points against your license. West Virginia is one of the states that works on a cumulative scale, meaning that your points accrue over the lifetime of your license, not during a set period. In other words, it’s not about how many points you accumulate in 12 or 24 months, it’s how many points you accumulate in total. If you accrue 12 to 13 points, you’ll face a 30-day suspension. The scale goes up to 18 and 19 points, where you’ll face a 90-day suspension. Beyond that, you’re looking at license revocation. Alternatively, you will have your license suspended indefinitely until you can get your total back down to 11. That means a lot of waiting and a lot of traffic school and other courses, which, you guessed it, will come out of your pocket.

The points system in West Virginia is fairly extensive. In fact, the West Virginia DMV has an entire pamphlet dedicated to it. Points range from two to six, depending on the violation. Some of the two-point violations include improper signaling, following too closely, improper backing, and any other violation they don’t have on the main list. You’ll get three points for littering. If you speed anywhere from 15 to 19 miles per hour over the limit, you’ll accrue five points, while reckless driving is worth six points, and fleeing from an officer will get you eight points.

It’s not hard to see how a few mistakes can lead to an accumulation of points that puts you in danger of license suspension.

Can You Fight a West Virginia Speeding Ticket?

Yes, and in most cases you should fight your ticket. You don’t want to experience years of increased insurance rates, points against your license, added fees, and other consequences that can come from a moving violation. If you’ve already received one or two tickets, then you definitely want to consider fighting your ticket in court. Taking the time to defend yourself and tell your side of the story could save you a lot of money, time, and frustration in the future.

For years, Ticket Void has been working with West Virginia drivers just like you, helping them find the perfect attorney for their needs. By giving us just a few pieces of information, you can help us match you with a West Virginia traffic attorney who is well-suited to your case. Only a qualified traffic lawyer in West Virginia can help you present the best defense given your specific situation. Your initial consultation is free, so what do you have to lose? Get started today, and exercise your right to fight.