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North Carolina Speeding Laws

Getting a speeding ticket is an inconvenience, and paying it is usually quite expensive. However, many drivers receive a ticket and think they have no choice but to pay it. Others pay it because they want to move on with their life and don’t want to bother with the hassle of a trial. However, if you’ve been ticketed for speeding in North Carolina, you should consider fighting your ticket in court. While it might seem like a hassle, it starts to become the obvious choice when you consider the long-term consequences and costs of paying your ticket. When you pay your ticket, you’re pleading guilty, which means the moving violation is on your record. Not only will you have to pay the initial fee of the ticket, you’ll also have to deal with points on your license, increased insurance rates, the cost of traffic school, and other consequences.

Fighting your ticket can help you eliminate the violation from your record, helping you avoid not only the cost of the ticket but the increased insurance rates and points against your license, as well. However, fighting your ticket successfully requires two things: understanding North Carolina speeding laws and hiring a qualified traffic attorney in North Carolina. The following information should help you with both.

Unique Features of North Carolina Driver's' Licenses

In North Carolina, you’ll have to incur points against your license and driving record no matter what moving violation you’re convicted of. A simple speeding ticket can be the start of an unfortunate set of events that could lead to your driver’s license being suspended, restricted, or revoked altogether. In the state of North Carolina, a points system is in place. This system determines what the consequences will be for your moving violation depending on how many points you’ve accrued and what your ticket is for.

The Points System in North Carolina

In North Carolina, you accrue a certain amount of points for each moving violation. If you happen to get seven points against your license, the state of North Carolina will mandate that you enter a driving improvement clinic. If you accrue 12 points against your license within a three-year period, you could be facing license suspension. Three years is a long time, so just a few speeding tickets within that period of time could be all it takes to result in a driver’s license suspension.

The length of your driver’s license suspension depends on what you were stopped for, whether your license has ever been suspended before, and other surrounding circumstances. You could face a license suspension of anywhere from 60 days to a full year. However, when your driver’s license is reinstated, it wipes the slate clean and you start over with zero points on your license. This isn’t always the case in other states.

There are certain violations that will almost always result in immediate license suspension. These violations include racing another vehicle in a pre-planned race, traveling at speeds 75 miles per hour or higher, two instances of speeding at 15 miles per hour over the speed limit or more if your speed is 55 miles per hour or higher, receiving a DUI, and passing a stopped school bus.

North Carolina will allow you to complete courses at a driver improvement clinic in order to remove three points from your driver’s license. However, you have to pay for the clinic yourself, and you have to make sure you go to a state-approved clinic.

Can You Fight a North Carolina Speeding Ticket?

Yes, and as you can see, it would be in your best interest to do so. All it takes is a few mistakes – or even one mistake – to lead to license suspension, increased insurance rates, driver improvement clinic costs, and other costly consequences. It’s important to fight your speeding ticket and, if possible, get it removed from your record. Hiring a qualified North Carolina traffic attorney is your best bet when fighting your ticket. Only a qualified traffic lawyer in North Carolina will be able to look at your individual case and help you craft a defense.

Ticket Void has been working with drivers just like you for years. We help you find the best attorney to help you win your case. By filling out just a few pieces of information, we can help match you with the perfect North Carolina traffic attorney for your case. We’ll email you the information, and your initial consultation is free. You have nothing to lose, so get started today, and exercise your right to fight.