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Wisconsin Drunk Driving Laws

An OWI or DUI charge in Wisconsin is a serious charge that can turn your whole world upside down. If you’ve been charged with an DUI or OWI and you don’t act now, you could lose your driver’s license and your freedom. In short, an DUI/OWI conviction can derail your life – both personal and professional.

That’s why you need to contact a drunk driving defense lawyer as soon as you’re placed in jail. Remember, being arrested for an DUI/OWI doesn’t mean you’re automatically guilty. You have the right to a fair defense, and a Wisconsin DUI lawyer will ensure you get one. Of course, not all attorneys are experienced in this highly complex branch of the law. So, make sure the lawyer you choose has the experience and the proven record of success needed to defend you in court.

But don’t just rely on the DUI/OWI lawyer you hire to make all the decisions for you. After all, your freedom is on the line, not his or hers. The best way to get involved with your case is to learn more about Wisconsin DUI and OWI laws. The information in the overview below will help you make well-reasoned decisions regarding your defense.

Wisconsin DUI Basics

To begin, you should understand that Wisconsin DUI laws include the provision of implied consent. This means that any driver on the streets of Wisconsin has already given their consent to have their BAC tested any time an officer so demands. Should you refuse to submit to a blood, breath, or urine BAC test, your license will be instantly revoked for one year.

The other thing you should know about Wisconsin DUI laws is the legal BAC limit. In Wisconsin, it’s illegal to operate a vehicle while having a BAC of .08% or higher. If you’re caught doing so, you’ll immediately be arrested for an DUI. While this seems like a simple, unbiased way of proving one’s guilt, DUI experts know otherwise. The fact is not all BAC tests are accurate. If the machine isn’t calibrated properly or if it’s outdated, there is a significant margin of error in the results. It’s the job of your DUI attorney to review this evidence to ensure you aren’t wrongly charged with drinking and driving.

Wisconsin DUI Penalties

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence, you’re probably curious as to what penalties you’re facing. The guidelines for Wisconsin OWI penalties are below.

If this is your first OWI conviction, you could face fines up to $300 (not including other fees and surcharges.) Additionally, your license will be suspended for up to 9 months, and you’ll be required to complete an alcohol assessment.

For your second OWI offense, your penalties include fines up to $1100, up to 6 months in jail, license suspension up to 18 months, and completion of alcohol assessment.

If this is your third OWI conviction, your penalties include the following: fines up to $2000, up to one year in jail, 2-3 year license suspension, and completion of alcohol assessment.

Keep in mind, these penalties may be enhanced if you refused to submit to a BAC test and/or you caused injury or death while driving intoxicated.

Talk to a Wisconsin DUI Lawyer

By now, the importance of hiring an DUI/OWI lawyer is clear. They’ll help you navigate the murky waters of Wisconsin OWI laws to make certain you have the defense you deserve.

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