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Nebraska Drunk Driving Laws

When you’re charged with a DUI, you have a lot more to lose than the Nebraska DUI penalties indicate. It’s not just about the fines and the jail time. Your relationships with your friends and family can suffer, and your professional aspirations can go up in flames.

That’s why it’s so important to find a Nebraska DUI lawyer immediately following your arrest. Remember, you have just 10 days to request a hearing to save your driver’s license, so time is of the essence. A skilled DUI attorney will prepare you for this hearing and for the case that follows, giving you the best chance of saving your freedom.

Until then, it’s your responsibility to learn more about Nebraska DUI laws. The better you understand the intricacies of the state’s drinking and driving statues, the more capable you’ll be to make the right decisions regarding your case.

Nebraska DUI Basics

In Nebraska, you can be charged with a DUI under 2 circumstances. First, you may be arrested for a DUI based strictly upon your behavior. In other words, if you’re driving recklessly or if you fail the field sobriety test, you could be taken to jail with a DUI charge. In these cases, the officer’s judgment is the main thing that matters. Of course, this is subjective, and it should always be scrutinized in court.

Nebraska also has per se laws. What this means is you can be arrested for a DUI based solely on your BAC. If you’re driving while having a BAC of .08% or higher, you’re considered to be drunk driving. It seems simple enough, but the truth is there are many flaws in BAC testing. For this reason, this evidence isn’t always enough for a conviction.

Nebraska DUI Penalties

Now that you understand the methods of DUI prosecution, it’s time to discuss the consequences you could be facing. Below are the guidelines for Nebraska DUI penalties.

For first time Nebraska DUI offenders, you receive a 6 month suspension of your driver’s license. You’ll spend anywhere from 7 to 60 days in jail, and you could pay fines up to $500.

If this is your second DUI offense in Nebraska, the penalties include up to 90 days in jail, a one year driver’s license suspension, and a $500 fine. You may also be placed on probation and be asked to complete community service.

If you’re a third time DUI offender, you’ll spend from 90 days to one year in jail. Your license will be revoked for 15 years, and you could pay fines up to $600. In short, it’s three strikes and you’re out in Nebraska.

Keep in mind, you’ll also have to complete alcohol treatment programs for any DUI. This program can cost well over $3,000. Also, for the second DUI offense and any thereafter, you’ll have to pay the costs of having your vehicle immobilized for the determined period of time.

Nebraska DUI Lawyer

A DUI conviction is something you don’t want to face alone. Standing before the judge and jury without a lawyer is a drastic mistake that’s sure to cost you your freedom. Instead, find a Nebraska DUI lawyer who will fight for your rights to get the verdict you deserve. Remember, not all lawyers practice Nebraska DUI laws, so it’s important to make sure you find one who handles these cases on a daily basis.

That’s where we can help. At Ticket Void, we match you with the top Nebraska DUI lawyers in your community. You can get started right now by clicking on the city nearest you below.