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Top 10 Most Ticketed Vehicles

Florida, year 2019: Front view of a Infiniti G37. Japanese coupe of luxury brand of Nissan. - Top 10 Most Ticketed Vehicles

Speeding might seem like a minor infraction, but it can lead to significant financial repercussions, with the average speeding ticket costing around $150 in the U.S. This amount can escalate depending on how severely the speed limit is exceeded—just a slight overage might result in a warning, whereas surpassing the limit by 30 miles per hour can severely impact your finances.

Insurify, an auto insurance platform, recently analyzed over 4.6 million insurance applications to identify trends in speeding tickets across different car models. Applicants typically report any past tickets when applying for insurance, providing a wealth of data for such analysis. According to Insurify, the national average for receiving speeding tickets is 7.1%, but this varies significantly among different car brands.

Contrary to popular belief, luxury sports cars do not top the list of most-ticketed vehicles. Instead, the analysis revealed that more accessible performance cars might be more likely to earn their drivers a ticket. Here’s a breakdown of the cars that frequently see their drivers ticketed:

  1. Infiniti: Leading the pack, 8.7% of Infiniti owners received speeding tickets, with the Infiniti G37 model specifically seeing a rate of 10.7%.
  2. Scion: Close behind, 8.4% of Scion drivers were ticketed, with the Scion FR-S model particularly prone at 13.7%.
  3. Volkswagen: Owners of Volkswagen vehicles were ticketed at a rate of 8.3%.
  4. Subaru: With 8.0%, Subaru owners, especially those driving the WRX model inspired by rally cars, also faced high ticketing rates.
  5. Mazda: Mazda drivers saw a 7.7% ticket rate.
  6. Audi: 7.6% of Audi owners got tickets, notably the Audi S4 drivers, with a 14.6% ticket rate.
  7. KIA: Tied with Audi, KIA also had a 7.6% ticketing rate.
  8. Honda: Honda owners were not far behind, with a 7.5% rate.
  9. BMW: BMW drivers, particularly those driving the all-electric i3 model, which had a high 17.6% ticket rate, were ticketed at a 7.4% rate.
  10. Hyundai: Matching BMW, Hyundai owners also faced a 7.4% ticket rate.

Interestingly, brands like Cadillac, Tesla, and Volvo had significantly lower rates of speeding tickets, with Volvo drivers only ticketed at a rate of 2.7%, which is less than half of the lowest brand on this list.

The data suggest that the performance capabilities of these vehicles may encourage drivers to test their limits, leading to higher incidences of speeding. Cars like the Audi S4 and Subaru WRX are designed for speed and agility, which can be tempting for drivers to exploit.

However, the financial consequences of speeding are steep. Not only does the ticket itself cost money, but speeding can also lead to increased auto insurance premiums. After just one ticket, drivers can expect an average 20% increase in their insurance costs, adding approximately $400 to an annual premium of $2,000.

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