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Texas Speeding Laws

Getting a speeding ticket in Texas is more than just inconvenient, it can be damaging to your record and financially costly. When you receive a ticket, it’s tempting to simply pay the fine and move on, calling it a lesson learned. However, the hidden costs of a speeding ticket may make you think twice about paying that fine. First, you’ll have to consider the fact that your insurance premiums will increase – sometimes skyrocket – after just one moving violation. Beyond that, you’ll accrue points against your license, and if you have too many points you’ll have to pay an annual fee to the state. Also, if you opt for defensive driving courses, you’ll have to pay for it out of your own pocket and take time out of your schedule to complete the course.

Clearly, the initial fee on your ticket is just the beginning. When you start to calculate the long-term costs of a Texas speeding ticket, you might find that fighting your ticket becomes a much more attractive option. If you choose to fight your ticket, there are a couple of things you should do to help increase your odds of success. First, you should consult with a traffic lawyer in Texas to evaluate your case and determine what your best legal course of action should be. Secondly, you should learn as much as you can about Texas traffic law. The following information should help you with both.

Unique Texas Driver's License Features

In Texas, you only accrue points against your license if the miles per hour at which you’re traveling over the speed limit exceeds 10 percent of the posted speed limit. In other words, if you’re in a 50 mile-per-hour zone, you won’t get a ticket unless you’re traveling five miles per hour over the speed limit or more, since five is 10 percent of 50. Also, Texas has some of the most interesting options for traffic school. You can take traffic school courses on a variety of subjects, in addition to a general defensive driving course. They even have a seat belt course if you were pulled over because you weren’t wearing a seat belt. You can opt to have a ticket dismissed by taking a ticket dismissal course, but you can only take that course under certain circumstances. For instance, if you were traveling at 25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit or more, you can’t take the course. Similarly, if you illegally passed a school bus, you’re disqualified from taking a ticket dismissal course.

The Points System in Texas

As mentioned above, you only receive points if you’re traveling at 10 percent over the posted speed limit. Even at that, points are relatively low in Texas. Where some states have points systems that max out at eight points for a violation, Texas maxes out at three. On first glance, you might think that you’re not going to be in too much trouble for a single ticket in Texas. However, that’s before you realize that all you have to do is accrue six points in three years in order to be eligible for license suspension. Taking that into consideration, you can see that it doesn’t take a lot to wind up having your license suspended. Sure, you can pay the $25 traffic school fee to have some points removed, but why bother with that and add to your cost if you can dismiss the ticket altogether? Taking everything into consideration, it’s clear that fighting your ticket is usually the best option.

Can You Fight a Texas Speeding Ticket?

Absolutely, and as the above information shows, you should. Fighting your traffic ticket means you get to tell your side of the story and present evidence to support it, and that’s your legal right. It’s critical to consult with an experienced and highly qualified traffic lawyer in Texas when compiling your defense. Only a qualified legal expert will be able to help you navigate the system and obtain the best possible outcome.

Fortunately, Ticket Void is here to help. We’ve spent years helping Texas drivers just like you find the best attorney for the job. By providing just a few pieces of information, we can provide you with the information for a qualified Texas traffic lawyer who can evaluate your case and help you fight your ticket. The initial consultation is free, so what do you have to lose? Get started today, and exercise your right to fight.