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New York Speeding Laws

Did you get a traffic ticket while driving in New York? If so you’re not alone. In 2013, in New York City alone, 331,000 tickets were issued for all manner of traffic violations. Manhattan collected a record $1.9 billion in fines and fees associated with traffic violations in 2015, a level they’ve managed to maintain since then. No matter where you’re driving in New York, you’re at risk of a speeding ticket. Even a minor violation or a momentary oversight can lead to a ticket. And that ticket will cost you a lot more than the amount printed on the front. Considering that increased insurance rates, points against your license, and, depending on your circumstances, the suspension of your license are all possible consequences of obtaining a New York traffic ticket, it’s important to take your ticket seriously and fight it.

There’s too much on the line for you to pay the ticket and essentially please guilty. Insurance rates climb every year even with a perfect driving record, and having points against your license is a stressful experience. There’s too much on the line for you to pay the ticket and essentially plead guilty. Insurance rates climb every year even with a perfect driving record, and having points against your license is a stressful experience. Taking your case to court is almost always the best idea. However, you should learn some things about New York traffic law before you do. Learning about the law will help you understand what you’re facing when you go to court, and you’ll be better prepared to inform your New York traffic attorney.

New York Driver's License Suspension

The interesting thing about New York, and something you’re want to take note of, is that you don’t necessarily have to accumulate a certain amount of points in order to have your license suspended. Most states allow you a certain number of points within a given time frame, and if you exceed those points (or are convicted of something like a DUI, under certain circumstances) your license is then suspended. However, in New York, there are other situations in which you could lose your license. For instance, if you get three tickets within a year and a half, your license will be automatically suspended.

The New York Point System

The point system in New York is one of the strictest in the nation. It’s designed that way to keep dangerous drivers off the road, but it’s easy for a couple of minor mistakes to land you in the category of a dangerous driver simply because of the points you’ll have against your license. If you obtain 11 or more points within a year and a half, your license can be suspended. However, it doesn’t end there. Even if you earn six points within a year and a half, New York can issue you a ‘driver’s responsibility fee.’ This fine has to be paid each year for three consecutive years.

The points system in New York is rigid. Even if you’re speeding one to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit, you’ll be given three points against your license. Up to 20 miles per hour over? That’s four points. And if you’re going 40 miles per hour or more over the speed limit, that’s 11 points on your license.

Let’s look at this a bit further, though. You might think you’ll never drive 40 miles per hour over the speed limit. But what about 30? Let’s say a portion of highway has a speed limit of 50 miles per hour, but it’s an open road and nobody’s there so you decide to go 80 just to get home a bit faster. It can happen to anyone. If a police officer pulls you over, that’s an automatic six points, meaning that a single ticket could not only earn you those points but also cause you to have to pay a fee for three years.

Just a few mistakes – or even one – could land you in a heap of financial and legal trouble. That’s why it’s so important to fight your ticket.

Can You Fight a Ticket in New York?

Yes, you can! However, you don’t want to fight your ticket alone. It’s important to bring a qualified, experienced New York traffic lawyer into the courtroom with you so you can have the best chance of succeeding. Only an experienced traffic lawyer in New York will be able to review the specifics of your case and help you obtain the best possible outcome. Ticket Void has been working with people just like you for years, matching them with the best possible New York traffic attorney so they can fight their ticket successfully. Just enter a few pieces of information, we’ll email you your match, and the initial consultation is free. You have nothing to lose except that ticket. Call today, and exercise your right to fight.