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New Mexico Speeding Laws

Getting a speeding ticket in New Mexico involves a lot more than just paying a fine. When you get a speeding ticket, you also have to deal with the inevitable increase to your insurance rates (often a 25% increase.) But that’s not all. Getting a speeding ticket also means points will be added to your driver’s license. If you get too many points over time, your driving privileges can be suspended.

For this reason, you should always consider fighting your speeding ticket. Winning your case can save you from the ridiculously high insurance rates and from the points being added to your driver’s license.

If you’re considering fighting your speeding ticket, you need to first familiarize yourself with New Mexico speeding laws. In this overview, you’ll find information about the statutes that govern speeding as well as the state’s penalties for speeding. At the end of this article, you’ll also find a useful resource for hiring the best speeding ticket lawyer in New Mexico for your needs.

Automatic Driver's License Suspension in New Mexico

If you get a speeding ticket for driving 26 mph or more over the speed limit, your license could be suspended instantly in New Mexico. Simply put, the state takes speeding very seriously.

Statute that Governs Speeding in New Mexico

New Mexico speed laws are fully outlined in section 66-7-301 of the New Mexico Code.

New Mexico Driver's License Points System

In New Mexico, every time you’re convicted of a moving violation you receive points on your license. If you earn 12 points within one year, your license will be suspended.

Here’s an overview of the points assessed for each moving violation in New Mexico:

  • Speeding 6 to 15 mph over the limit – 3 points
  • Speeding 16 to 25 mph over the limit – 5 points
  • Speeding 26 mph or more over the limit – 8 points

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot for you to find yourself on the wrong side of the number of points allowed in a year. That’s why you need to take every speeding ticket you get seriously.

Can I Fight My New Mexico Speeding Ticket?

Yes, you can fight your New Mexico speeding ticket. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that receiving a speeding ticket automatically means you’re guilty. Rolling over and accepting your speeding ticket can land you in a world of trouble. Do you really want to pay the higher insurance rates that will come with your ticket? And do you really want to have those points on your license hanging over your head? Of course not. Instead, stand up for your rights, and fight your New Mexico speeding ticket in court. You could end up saving yourself a lot of money and complications.

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in New Mexico

Right now, you’re probably wondering: What can I do to give myself the best chance of winning my case. It’s simple: make sure you hire the right lawyer for your needs. It’s no exaggeration to say that the right lawyer can be the difference between winning and losing your case. You need to hire a speeding ticket specialist with a background of success in winning speeding ticket cases. Remember, not all lawyers are familiar with New Mexico speeding laws. Make sure you hire a speeding ticket lawyer in New Mexico who handles these cases on a daily basis.

At Ticket Void, we make finding the right lawyer for your needs fast and easy. Our online directory contains listings from the top speeding ticket lawyers in New Mexico. The only thing you need to do is to select the city nearest you from the list below. Once you do that, you’ll be able to browse listings from the top lawyers in your community. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you hired the right lawyer for the job. Use Ticket Void today!