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Missouri Speeding Laws

If you’re like most people, you think that getting a speeding ticket is obnoxious and interferes with your life, but that it’s not a big deal. After all, what can a single speeding ticket do to your record? All you want to do is get this ordeal over with and move on with your life, so you pay the ticket and think nothing more of it. That’s a typical response to the thought of getting a speeding ticket, but it’s also extremely costly. Paying a ticket is the same as pleading guilty to the violation, so you won’t just have to deal with the initial cost of the ticket. Instead, you’ll expose yourself to long-term consequences that are costly both financially, time wise, and in other ways, as well. For one thing, you’ll almost certainly have to pay higher insurance premiums even if you only get one speeding ticket. Any moving violation will cause your insurance rates to increase, and studies show that they tend to increase by at least 18 percent even after your first violation. Not only that, but you’ll have to incur points on your license, an impaired driving record, the cost of traffic school if you opt to take it, and other costs.

It becomes clear rather quickly that fighting your ticket is the best option. However, in order to successfully fight a traffic ticket you’ll need to learn a little bit about Missouri speeding laws and hire an experienced traffic attorney in Missouri who can help you obtain the best outcome for your particular case. The following information should help you do both.

The Points System in Missouri

In the state of Missouri, a points system is used to assign various consequences to drivers who break the law. Most states have a points system, but each one is a little different. Missouri’s points system functions by assigning a certain number of points to each of the various moving violations you can be charged with. If you accrue a certain number of points in a given time period, your license can be suspended or revoked. However, there are certain infractions for which your driver’s license may be taken away or suspended no matter how many points you have. These include:

  • Fleeing the scene of an accident
  • Driving without insurance
  • Refusing to take a drug or alcohol test
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failing to file an accident report
  • Giving incorrect or falsified information on your driver’s license application

Assuming you don’t do any of those things, you can still have your license suspended or taken away by accruing a certain number of points. If you accrue just eight points in the span of 18 months, or a year and a half, you can have your license suspended for up to 90 days. If it’s your first license suspension, you will only have your license suspended for 30 days. Your second suspension will result in a suspension of 60 days, and every suspension after that will be for 90 days.

Furthermore, if you accrue 12 points within 12 months, 18 points within 18 months, or 24 points within 24 months you’ll also face license suspension or revocation. Missouri allows you to check your driving record online, so if you receive a ticket you should check online to see how close you are to a suspension. If you’re approaching a suspension, you can always take a Driver Improvement Program in an effort to get rid of some of those points. However, you have to make sure the Driver Improvement Program you attend is approved by the state, and you’ll have to pay for it out of your own money.

Can You Fight Your Missouri Speeding Ticket?

Yes. You have every right under Missouri law to fight a traffic ticket, and it’s usually in your best interest to do so. Removing as many points as possible from your license is important, as accruing too many can lead to serious consequences. Plus, if your ticket is revoked you won’t have to worry about increased insurance rates and other consequences related to your ticket. Finding a qualified Missouri traffic attorney is your first step in obtaining the best possible outcome, and Ticket Void is here to help.

Ticket Void has been working for years with Missouri drivers just like you, helping them find the perfect traffic attorney for their case. By providing just a few pieces of information, we can email you with the attorney that’s best for your case. The initial consultation is free, so what do you have to lose? Exercise your right to fight today.