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Mississippi Speeding Laws

Let’s get right to the point: getting a speeding ticket is not fun. In fact, it down right stinks. Not only do you have to pay the fine printed on the ticket, but you also have to deal with the inevitable hike that will come to your insurance rates. So, in essence, you’re paying the consequences of that single speeding ticket for years to come. Not to mention, the ticket is still hanging over your head as it stays on your driving record.

That’s why we recommend you consider fighting your speeding ticket. Never just lie down, assuming there’s nothing you can do about it. There is something you can do. You can fight back. Fighting your speeding ticket could help you avoid paying excessive fines and ridiculous insurance rates. It can also help you keep your driving record clean.

Before you start fighting your ticket, you need to first take the time to learn more about Mississippi speeding laws. In this overview, you’ll find information about the state’s speeding laws as well as resources for finding the right speeding ticket lawyer in Mississippi for your needs.

Mississippi's Unique Speeding Program

In 2006, Mississippi introduced a once-in-a-lifetime program allowing drivers to wipe their driving record clean. Motorists are allowed to attend traffic school just once to get rid of a speeding ticket charge.

Statute that Governs Speeding in Mississippi

In the Mississippi Code Section 63-3-501, the state’s speeding laws are outlined.

Mississippi Driver's License Points System

Mississippi is one of the few states that doesn’t use a points system to penalize repeat offenders on the road. However, don’t think this means a speeding ticket is any less damaging in Mississippi. You still have to face the high ticket costs and the drastic rate increases on your insurance. Furthermore, your license can still be suspended for failure to take care of your traffic tickets. Getting your license back after a suspension is costly and time-consuming.

That’s why you need to do your best to keep speeding tickets off of your driving record.

Can I Fight My Mississippi Speeding Ticket?

Repeat after me: Yes, I can fight my speeding ticket, and I can beat those charges! See, most people just assume that getting a ticket automatically implies guilt. But that’s not the case. A lot of evidence goes into each traffic stop, and just because you received a speeding ticket doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Fighting your ticket is your right. More importantly, it’s an investment in your future. Winning your case would save you from paying the cost of the ticket as well as the drastic increases in your insurance rates. It will also keep your driving record clean.

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Mississippi

How can you give yourself the best odds of winning your case? By choosing the best lawyer for your needs. You should always remember that speeding laws in Mississippi are complex, and not every lawyer has the skills necessary for handling your case. Make sure the lawyer you choose has demonstrated success at defending and winning speeding ticket cases in Mississippi.

That’s where Ticket Void helps. Our online directory contains listings of the top speeding ticket lawyers in Mississippi, ensuring you receive a quality match every time. No more guesswork, and no more ending up with incompetent lawyers. Just peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve hired the best lawyer for your needs. Give your case the expert guidance it needs. Use Ticket Void today!