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Oklahoma Speeding Laws

If you obtained a speeding ticket in Oklahoma, you’re probably resigned to paying your ticket and moving on with your day. However, you might want to consider fighting your ticket. Most people wonder why they should fight their ticket when it takes time to go to court and costs money to hire an attorney. But the long-term costs of a ticket could cost you a lot more than you realize. First, you have to consider the initial cost of your ticket plus any surcharges you might have to pay, as well. It’s rare that the number on your ticket is the total cost you’ll end up paying. Second, you’ll likely have to pay an increased insurance rate for a number of years afterward, and depending on your driving record, that increase could be incredibly high. If you opt to take driving school or driver training courses to remove points from your license, you’ll have to pay for those out of pocket. Speaking of points on your license, if you already have moving violations on your record, a single speeding ticket could put you in jeopardy of losing your license

Considering the long-term cost of a traffic ticket, it’s almost always a good idea to fight your ticket and avoid those penalties. A qualified Oklahoma traffic attorney can help you obtain the best possible results, and an understanding of the basics of Oklahoma driving law can give you an edge when you head to court. The following information should help you with both learning about the driving law in Oklahoma and finding a qualified traffic attorney who can help you fight your ticket.

Unique Oklahoma Driver's License Features

In Oklahoma, the points system is a bit stricter than it is in other areas of the country. Most of the time, you’re only going to face license suspension if you accumulate a fair amount of tickets in a two- or three-year period. However, in Oklahoma, if you accumulate just 10 points within a five-year period you could be facing license suspension. Five years is a long time, and it’s not hard to imagine that you could accumulate 10 points in that amount of time, especially given that many speeding and traffic violations will earn you three points.

Points System in Oklahoma

As mentioned above, the points system in Oklahoma is fairly strict given that you only need to accumulate 10 points in a five-year period before you face license suspension or revocation. That’s a long time, and given that some of the most minor violations are two or three points each, just a few mistakes over the course of that five-year period could land you in hot water. Add to that the fact that traffic fees are quite high, and you’ll be facing steep penalties both financially and when it comes to your driving record. In Oklahoma City, an illegal U-turn or left turn will cost you $173, and that’s assuming no other surcharges are added.

If you do face suspension, however, your first suspension will only be for one month. However, having a suspension on your driving record can impact your life in many critical ways. From obtaining a car loan to getting a job, a poor driving record can cost you more than that initial fee, so it’s important to keep your record as clean as possible.

Can You Fight a Speeding Ticket in Oklahoma?

Absolutely, and you should. Fighting your ticket is your right. After all, why shouldn’t you be able to tell your side of the story, present any evidence or witnesses you have, and get a fair hearing when so much is at stake. Don’t pay the ticket until you consult with an Oklahoma traffic attorney to find out what your best option is. Only a qualified Oklahoma traffic lawyer will be able to present the best possible defense on your behalf.

At Ticket Void, we’ve been working with Oklahoma drivers just like you in order to help them find the best attorney for the job. By providing just a few pieces of information, you’ll help us match you with the Oklahoma traffic attorney that’s right for the job. The initial consultation is free, so what do you have to lose? Get started today, and exercise your right to fight.