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Wyoming Speeding Laws

If you get a speeding ticket in Wyoming, the penalties you’re facing are extensive. See, most people think a speeding ticket just involves a small fine and nothing else. But that’s not true. Getting a speeding ticket in Wyoming also means your insurance rates will go up. Furthermore, the speeding conviction will be placed on your driving record. If you get too many speeding tickets, your driver’s license can actually be suspended.

What does all of this mean for you? It means you need to take your speeding ticket seriously. You should consider the option of fighting your ticket in court. Fighting your ticket can save you from insurance rate hikes and marks on your driving record. Simply put, fighting your ticket is an investment in your future.

Before you can being fighting your ticket, you need to first learn about Wyoming speeding laws. The information provided in this overview will help you make informed decisions surrounding your speeding ticket case. You’ll also have access to an online directory full of the top speeding ticket lawyers in Wyoming who can handle your case.

Unique Wyoming Driver's License Suspension

Despite not having a points system in place, repeat speeding offenders in Wyoming are still punished. If you earn too many speeding tickets over time, your license can be suspended for 90 days.

Statute that Governs Speeding in Wyoming

Wyoming speeding laws are governed by statute 31-5-301.

Wyoming Driver's License Points System

First, let’s make one thing clear: Wyoming doesn’t have a driver’s license points system. However, the way they penalize repeat offenders is the same as states that have a points system in place. Anyone who commits 4 moving violations within a one year period will have their license suspended for 90 days. Furthermore, for each additional speeding ticket you get, the fines get higher and higher.

In light of these penalties, it’s important you take your speeding ticket seriously. Otherwise, your next ticket could be very costly, and it could even lead to a driver’s license suspension.

Can I Fight My Wyoming Speeding Ticket?

Yes, you can fight your Wyoming speeding ticket in court. And based on the information above, do you really have any other choice? After all, the economy is bad enough as it is. The last thing you need is a drastic increase in your insurance rates. And you certainly don’t want to risk becoming a repeat offender, leaving you with a suspended driver’s license. Instead, fight your speeding ticket, and beat those charges in court. Winning your case could save you tons of money and a lot of trouble.

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Wyoming

Now that you’ve decided to fight your Wyoming speeding ticket, it’s time to put together the final pieces of the puzzle. Choosing the right lawyer can be the difference between winning and losing your case. You want to make sure the lawyer you choose has an extensive background of winning speeding ticket cases. Having a speeding ticket specialist representing you in court will give you the best chance of winning your case.

At Ticket Void, our goal is to help you find the best lawyer for your needs quickly and easily. That’s why we have a directory of the top speeding ticket lawyers in Wyoming. This completely removes the guesswork out of finding a legal expert to handle your case. Get started today simply by clicking the city nearest you from the list below. Use Ticket Void today!