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California Speeding Laws

Getting a speeding ticket anywhere is an uncomfortable and inconvenient experience that always comes with a financial cost attached. However, if you get a speeding ticket in California, you’ll feel the pain even more. That’s because the penalties and fees associated with traffic tickets in California are among the highest in the nation. Even a routine speeding ticket can cost you as much as $300, and that’s not including any additional fees you’ll pay for driving without insurance, with a suspended license, or having too many points on your record to begin with.

It’s important to take any California ticket seriously. That means knowing your rights, too. Many people think they have to accept the ticket and pay the fine, but that’s not true. You have the right to fight your ticket and beat the charges. It’s important to understand the California speeding laws and find a traffic attorney in California that will help you win your case.

California Driver's Licenses Have a Unique Feature

If you’re a commercial driver in California, you have to take your ticket even more seriously. In California, the rate that you’ll pay for a ticket as a commercial driver is one and a half times the rate of a standard motorist. That means if you’re operating a truck or other commercial vehicle at the time you receive your ticket you’ll pay even higher fines. Plus, you’ll have to report your ticket to your company within a certain number of days. Depending on your situation and the type of violation you were charged with, that could mean losing your job or having to go without work for awhile.

The Points System in California

Fines and penalties aren’t the only consequences for speeding in California. If you get a ticket for any moving violation, you’ll also incur points against your license. There are limits to how many points you can get within a certain time frame before your license is suspended. For instance, if you receive four points in a year, six points in two years, or eight points in three years, your license will be suspended. Plus, moving violations are a part of your record for three years, and some types of violations linger even longer than that. It’s not hard to imagine that just a few violations over the course of a few years could cause you to lose your license, pay hefty fines, experience insurance rate increases, and have restrictions upon your ability to do your job, just to name a few consequences.

As far as the points you’ll incur, you lose one point for traveling over 70 miles per hour, breaking the local speed limit, tailgating, and speeding in a construction zone. You’ll get two points against your license for going over 100 miles per hour, driving on the wrong side of the road, or exhibiting reckless driving behavior, a broad legal definition that covers a wide range of behaviors.

Given that even a simple speeding ticket will stay on your record for three years, it’s not hard to see how even a safe driver who makes a few mistakes could wind up losing their license or suffering undue hardships. That’s why fighting your ticket is so important.

Can You Fight a California Speeding Ticket?

Absolutely, and you should. Paying your fine might seem to be an efficient way to get the whole ordeal over with, but when you pay your fine you’re pleading guilty. That means you’ll have to deal with the fines, the insurance premium hikes, the points against your license, and any other consequences that come from your ticket. Insurance rates are high enough already, and you can’t assume that your driving will be flawless for the next two to three years. You have the legal right to fight your case — so use it. Find a qualified traffic lawyer in California who can help you avoid the harsh consequences of your ticket and have your ticket thrown out.

Finding a Traffic Lawyer in California

Ticket Void has been helping people just like you find the California traffic attorney that’s right for them. Entering just a few pieces of information can help us match you with a qualified, experience attorney. He or she will stand by your side and take a look at your specific case to help you decide the best way to fight it. The consultation is free, and you have nothing to lose. Try it today! Exercise your right to fight.