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Why Fight a Speeding Ticket

A speeding ticket can be extremely inconvenient, cost a great deal of money, and depending on the severity of the violation, a speeding ticket may result jail time. Sometimes hiring a traffic ticket attorney is the choice to save your driving record from being affected and avoid the hassle and confusion involved in fighting a speeding ticket without the aid of a traffic ticket attorney.

Methods such as laser, radar, visual estimation, clock and follow, speeding cameras, and VASCAR (vehicle average speed calculator, and aerial speed measurement) are commonly used to measure the speed of a motor vehicle when issuing a speeding ticket. The use of radar or laser by a police officer is illegal unless a valid Engineering and Traffic Survey are on file, which justifies the ‘posted speed’ limit. Knowing the ins and outs of the laws that govern traffic violations, particularly speeding tickets, a traffic ticket attorney specializes in getting what the driver deserves and ensures the most beneficial outcome possible for the ticketed driver. A traffic ticket attorney will examine your case before implementing a plan for fighting your speeding ticket. They are likely to consider your driving history, how far over the speed limit you were charged with driving, how the charged speed was captured, any extraordinary fact of your case, and the court you are reporting to. With a lawyer fighting the speeding tickets you get, the traffic violation is dealt with in a timely and effective manner. The reasons for fighting a traffic ticket are: the driver who received a speeding ticket will avoid insurance rate increases (if you pay your ticket you are automatically pleading guilty to the offence, which will end up on your driving record and your insurance company will see this and raise your insurance rates), their driving record remains clean (not only does keeping a clean driving record prevent you from receiving insurance rate increases, it may be a necessity if you want to apply for certain jobs), traffic tickets are prevented from causing problems in the future (with just one speeding ticket your insurance rate may not increase, but the charge will stay on your record for years to come and If you commit another traffic offense you will face harsher penalties), and police officers sometimes misinterpret traffic laws because they are complicated and detailed. If you are charged with traffic offenses, there’s a good chance that traffic ticket lawyers can help you fight and win your case in trial. A traffic ticket attorney can review the police officer’s notes to uncover flaws in the evidence against you making the odds that your case with be dismissed more likely.

Having a traffic attorney fight your speeding tickets means you are not in it alone and it is always better to have someone knowledgeable of the subject at hand offer their expertise to help your claims.

The fear of losing your license, an increase in your insurance rate or spending time in a courtroom can be an extremely frightening process. Traffic violations can cause severe stress and anxiety in your life.

For many individuals deciding whether an attorney should be hired to fight you traffic ticket is a daunting task. Our profile matching process eliminates you spending countless hours searching for an attorney. provides a unique solution to help you determine if an attorney should be hired. Furthermore, gives you the power to choose an attorney who is familiar with the legal proceedings in the county of your traffic offense.

Why Should You Fight Your Speeding Ticket?

The majority of drivers in America simply pay their speeding ticket to avoid the inconvenience of appearing in court. However, one speeding ticket can remain on your record for three years and place you into negative light with your insurance company. Multiple speeding tickets in one year can raise your insurance premiums by thousands of dollars. In addition, having violations on your driving record can make you ineligible for auto insurance discounts that help you save money. The increase in premiums can even be more dramatic for a teenager or young adult.

Example: A single individual with a good driving record is paying $700.00 per year for statewide liability, collision and comprehensive coverage. In addition, they receive a 20% good driver discount and pay only $525.00. One speeding ticket could increase your base premium by 25%, or $525.00 over three years.

A second minor conviction would cause the loss of the good driver discount and could raise your premium an additional 38%. The original $700.00 is now elevated to $966.00 per year an increase by $798.00 over three years. A third conviction could result in a 60% increase.

Bottom Line: Do the math it makes much more sense to hire an attorney and let them do their job. In the long run you will pay less, hopefully have a clean record and peace of mind.

Raising the insurance rates of speeders is an accepted custom in the insurance industry because speeding is cited as a factor in approximately one-third of all crash-related fatalities, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says.

Drivers that are cited for Driving Under the Influence, Driving While Intoxicated or reckless driving will be forced to pay substantial premiums for insurance coverage. In addition to the raised insurance rates a driver will face thousands of dollars in fines and court costs. Furthermore, these serious violations could land you in jail, may make you uninsurable with many auto insurance companies, and unemployable.

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