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How to Renew Your Alabama License After a Suspension

How to Renew Your Alabama License After a Suspension

Reinstating your Alabama license is a multi-step process. This process can vary depending on the specific circumstances surrounding your case. Review your case thoroughly before submitting your request for reinstatement. You can complete this review by looking at your DMV notice or acquiring your driving record from the DMV. The steps involved in securing license reinstatement may include any combination of the following.

Surrender Your Suspended Credential

The first step in the process will likely be the surrender of your suspended credential to a Department of Public Safety (DPS) official. Follow the instructions that are given to you by the courts and your attorney. Be mindful of the timelines, as it is very important to follow them strictly. Being late or not surrendering your credentials on time can be grounds for far more serious consequences in the future. Once you have surrendered your suspended license, then you will likely have to serve out your complete suspension period.

Complete Your Suspension Period

The next thing you will have to do is serve out your suspension period. Serving the sentence and having to wait to get your license reinstated it’s frustrating, but it’s important to do so. Patience is a virtue during the stage of the process. Don’t be tempted to drive with a suspended license as the ramifications of doing so are not worth risking it. Once you’ve served out the time required of you, then you can start the process of applying for reinstatement.

Pay Your Reinstatement Fees

Alabama will require you to pay a reinstatement fee in order to reinstate your license. What that fee will be largely depends on the circumstances of your individual case. Consult with the court authorities or with your attorney to find out what you’ll have to pay. You can also consult with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and in some situations, you can even pay your fees online.

Apply For a New License (If Revoked)

If your license was revoked rather than suspended, you’ll have to apply for a new license. Applying for a new license can usually be done at any Department of Motor Vehicle office. if you’re not sure how to go about it, instructions are usually online. You can also ask your attorney or the court officials governing your case how to go about applying for a new license. Additional fees will likely apply during the stage of the process. If you’re simply renewing a suspended license, you can usually skip this step.

Install an Ignition Interlock Device

If drugs or alcohol were involved in your initial charge and pertained to your license suspension, you may be asked to install an ignition interlock device into your vehicle. The duration of your participation in the ignition interlock program depends on the court order given to you. If you were not originally charged and convicted of a DUI, DWI, or other drug and alcohol then you will likely not have to go through this step. If you were involved in an alcohol-related incident, however, you may also be asked to attend traffic school or alcohol education or therapy.

File an SR22 Form

Finally, most people who are renewing a suspended license in Alabama will be asked to provide an SR22 form. This form is a financial liability form that you get from your insurance provider. It tells the state that you have insurance, that you are financially responsible, and acts as a mitigation of the liability you would otherwise pose to the state and given your previous suspension.

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