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Does a Suspended License Show Up On My Driving Records?

Does a Suspended License Show Up On My Driving Records?

If you’ve had a suspended license, you might be wondering if that suspension will show up on your driving record. The short answer is yes. However, the impact that suspension will have on you depends on who’s looking at your record and for what purpose. Here’s a little more information about suspended licenses and how they impact your driving record.

What’s On Your Driving Record?

Your driving record contains things like general information about you, your contact info, your driver’s license number and the information on it, tickets, suspensions, accident, and the like. Essentially, your driving record is the sum total to date of your driving history. Your driving record can be utilized by everyone from your employer to the police and many people and entities in between. If you apply for a car loan, they’ll check your driving record. The record also stores information about accidents.

How is a License Suspension Recorded

There are two basic types of license suspension as far as most people who would be interested in your driving record are concerned. The first is civil and the second is criminal. In other words, was your license suspended because of minor offenses like speeding and tailgating or was it suspended for drunk driving? Your record will clearly indicate the nature of your suspension and the violations leading up to it. How much that impacts you depends on who’s looking and why.

Who’s Looking At Your Driving Record?

How much a suspension affects you depends on who’s looking at your record. If someone wants to hire you, they might look at your driving record to determine responsibility or liability. If you’re trying to get a car loan, they’re definitely looking at your record because until you pay that loan off, the car is theirs. If they wind up having to repossess it, they don’t want to have to worry about it not being in good shape. If you’re trying to get a house, or a home loan, they, too will likely look at your record. If you’re going for your CDL or a commercial driving position, then your record matters a lot more.

Why Are They Looking?

Another factor to consider is why the person looking at your record is pulling it in the first place. If it’s just a routine procedure, then for jobs it won’t matter if it’s civil or administrative in nature. For jobs involving machinery or commercial vehicles, however, it will matter more because the safety of the employees and, in some cases, customers have to be protected. Civil suspensions aren’t likely to impact your home loan too much unless there’s a litany of unpaid fines and fees. Car loans and CDL licenses will be affected the most when it comes to your previous license suspension unless it’s more than ten years old.

On the other hand, criminal suspensions, or suspensions that arose from criminal violations, can affect you across the board.

If you receive a ticket, it’s important to fight it. Just a few tickets can lead to a license suspension in some states. Save yourself the hassle and fight your ticket. If you win, it can save you time, money, and hassle for years.

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