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How Can I Reinstate My Oklahoma License After It Has Been Suspended?

How Can I Reinstate My Oklahoma License After It Has Been Suspended?

If you had your license suspended in Oklahoma, you’ll have to follow a series of steps in order to get it reinstated. However, you’ll likely have to serve out your full suspension before you can request your license reinstatement. If you need to be able to drive to specific places like school and work, you may be able to obtain a restricted life. Either way, once you’re eligible for reinstatement, here is the general process you’ll be asked to follow.

Complete Your Suspension Time

As mentioned before, you’ll have to serve out the time of your suspension. While waiting is nobody’s idea of a good time, this is perhaps the most important part of the process. Even if you do get a restricted license, you still have to complete the sentence and follow all of the rules associated with that license. Oklahoma State usually won’t consider early license reinstatement. Additionally, it’s very important not to drive with a suspended license. While it might be tempting to do so, the risks associated with getting caught while driving on a suspended license or simply not worth any consequence that could possibly come from it.

Pay Your Fines

Usually, there are some court fines and other fees that you will have to pay in order to get your license back. Sometimes there are fees associated with the case, administrative fees, or other things like that. You’ll have to check with the court to find out exactly what you need to pay. Once you’re sure you covered everything in your cleared as paid, the next step is to contact your insurance company and obtain your SR22.

Submit Your SR22

The SR22 form is simply proof of financial responsibility. It’s a form you get from your insurance company, and it’s something that anybody who is considered to be high risk in the state of Oklahoma has to provide in order to get their license back. An SR22 form is incredibly common across all states, and any time you had your license suspended you are typically seen as a high-risk driver. For that reason, financial liability and responsibility have to be established. The SR22 form does this by proxy.

Pay the Reinstatement Fee

On top of any other fee you may have had to pay, you also have to pay a fee to reinstate your license. As expected, that fee is called a reinstatement fee. How much it will cost depends on the nature of your suspension and other factors related to your case. It can be up to $350. Make sure to check with the Department of Public Safety, or DPS, to find out what the appropriate fees will be in order to reinstate your license.

Going through any legal process or procedure is always better with an attorney at your side. You may even need one in order to apply for and get a restricted license. Regardless of what your situation is if you need a traffic attorney we’re here to help you find one.

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