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Can I Lose My License For Unpaid Parking Tickets in the State of California?

Can I Lose My License For Unpaid Parking Tickets in the State of California?

Unpaid parking tickets can cause a lot of trouble for drivers. In many states, unpaid parking tickets can actually be grounds for license suspension. This was the case in California, too, until July 1, 2017. Then, a new law went into effect to eliminate suspensions based solely on unpaid parking tickets. That being said, your driving record can still be tarnished, so it’s important to take those tickets seriously.

Unpaid Parking Tickets and License Suspension in California

Up until July 1, 2017, it was a matter of procedure to suspend licenses for unpaid parking tickets. However, Governor Brown put forth a bill to eliminate that practice and allow those who have unpaid parking tickets to obtain a lower repayment fee or a payment plan. Proponents of the bill referred to statistics that showed there was very little evidence that suspending licenses for non-payment did anything to increase payments. Instead, it put those who had financial hardships in an even worse situation.

How Parking Ticket Fees Work in California

Californians supported the bill in part because they thought the fee system was unfair. In California your actual fee could be around $35, but then you could end up paying over $230 once extra fees and admin costs were added in. A lot of people cried foul on those extra fees stating that they were unfair to those with limited funds. As it turns out the governor agreed, so now you can’t lose your license for being unable to pay a parking ticket. However, not paying can still damage your driving record and can show up on your credit report, too. It can also affect you if you go to apply for a license in another state at any point.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Just because you can’t lose your license for unpaid parking tickets in California doesn’t mean those unpaid tickets won’t affect you. As mentioned above, you can still run into trouble for not having paid those fines. Increased insurance rates, difficulty in obtaining loans, and damage to your credit report are all possibilities. It’s important to obtain legal representation to clear your name and possibly reverse the fines, as well. An experienced traffic attorney might be able to help you lower the fees you owe, have them reversed entirely, and help you reinstate your driving record.

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