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What Types of Traffic Tickets Can I Fight in Alabama?

What Types of Traffic Tickets Can I Fight in Alabama?

No matter where you live, getting a ticket never makes for a good day. Getting a ticket can cost you a lot more than the face value of the ticket itself. You might have to pay for traffic school, incur points on your license, face additional increases in insurance costs, and have that accident on your record for a long time afterwards. You might be wondering what types of tickets you can fight in Alabama. The truth is, you can fight any ticket in Alabama. You have the legal right to fight a ticket or any accusation made against you. Here’s how you can go about fighting a ticket in the state of Alabama.

Look at the Ticket

It’s important to pay attention to the information on the ticket itself. The ticket will tell you when your court date is and where you have to report to. It also gives you the time that you’re expected to appear. It’s important to give you or Alabama traffic attorney this information so that you can appear at the right time in order to make your case. You cannot fight a ticket if you pay for it, because paying for it is the same as pleading guilty. Simply attend your court date with your attorney and fight your ticket from there.

Plead Not Guilty

When you go to your hearing at the courthouse, it’s important to plead not guilty. This allows you to defend yourself. Again, if you pay the fine or fees associated with your ticket you cannot plead not guilty because paying is seen as pleading guilty. Paying anything means you’re admitting guilt which means you do not have the legal right to a trial. Make sure that you are pleading not guilty when you show up to your court date and they don’t pay anything ahead of time.

Request a Trial

When you plead not guilty, you can request a trial. Sometimes the trial will be the same day, so be sure to come prepared. Your Alabama traffic attorney will come prepared in most cases, which is another benefit of having an attorney by your side. Expect to be questioned, and turn over any and all evidence that supports your innocence to your attorney ahead of time so he or she can be prepared, as well.

Collect Evidence

Before you get to the hearing, make sure to collect as much evidence as possible. Give any and all evidence you have to your attorney, or at least have it with you if you do decide to go it alone. Evidence can include photographs, such as photographs of signs that are hidden by brush. If you were accused of running a stop sign but it’s obvious that you can’t even see the stop sign, that could work in your favor. Bring reports of weather conditions, especially if radar was used to track your speed. Radar is notoriously unreliable in rainy weather because everything reflects in the rain, therefore it’s really difficult for the radar to hit the one thing the officers aiming at, presumably your car. Also, if your speed was tracked using any kind of monitoring system, a witness or representative from the company of that system has to show up to prove that it was functioning on the day and at the time your speed was recorded for action was recorded. For instance, consider red light cameras. If you were caught running a red light on a red light camera and nobody from the camera company shows up to vouch for the fact that it was, in fact, working properly that day and at the time the photo was taken, that can usually get your case dismissed. Be sure to bring up any questionable officer conduct, as well.

The Trial Itself

At the trial, you can present the case for your innocence. You can argue all legal issues and president and call witnesses on your behalf. You may also present any evidence that you brought with you, or your attorney can present that evidence if you decide to hire an attorney. You may also question the officer who gave you the citation. You have a much higher chance of success with a qualified, experienced Alabama traffic attorney at your side, so be sure to retain one before your hearing and trial.

Retaining an Alabama traffic attorney is critical if you want to defend your case effectively. The legal system is intentionally designed to be confusing to the average person. That’s why law schools exist. It’s important to understand that you are significantly reducing your chance of success by deciding to go it alone. Instead, get a consultation today from a qualified and experienced traffic attorney in Alabama and take the first step on the road to protecting your rights and your freedom.


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