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What Happens When You Get a Ticket Out of State

speeding ticket out of state

Many of us live under the false illusion that we can escape paying a ticket if we get it in another state. The hard truth is that not only is a ticket in another state a nightmare, there is also no existing law that exempts you from it. So once you return home, the out-of-state ticket is not going to disappear magically.

In the days of technology, cameras and surveillance track our every move. Hence, traffic tickets are no exception. You will most likely build a track record and get points on your license, even if it was out of state. Your license may also face suspension if you do not pay the outstanding ticket, or legal trouble may spring up.

It is best to pay the ticket off rather than contesting for it. Let’s look at some more details regarding this below.

You Get Points

Getting an out-of-state ticket will most likely put points on your license. The rules vary per state for these cases, and it is best to update yourself on the particulars in case you got a ticket while visiting a specific state. New Jersey, for example, incurs two points for a ticket in another state.

Interstate Compacts

Acquiring a license from one state gives you the right to drive in others, too. We know that is true on a temporary basis. Now, most of the time, this rule is feasible for drivers, but it gives rise to law-enforcement problems.

In case an out-of-state drive does not pay the outstanding ticket, there are certain steps the issuing state can take. For this purpose, interstate traffic compacts came into existence to tackle issues that arise when drivers abandon state lines. The two compacts, Nonresident Violator Compact and Driver’s License Compact help ensure that cross-state offenders pay their dues and their records list down the convictions.


You must never treat a DUI lightly because it is not only a grave record but also shows up in your history. Each state has different rules and regulations for the department of motor vehicles. There are high chances of your license facing suspension across the board, especially if your blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit. Even refusing to take a breathalyzer test can cause suspension of your license.

The suspension will remain valid until the court date and then you will have to take part in a DUI safety program and meet the ticketing state requirements.

Final Thoughts

If you receive a citation for a traffic offense out of state, we recommend contacting a local traffic attorney posthaste. Not only will the attorney be able to update you on state laws and answer your questions but it will also lay down your options and help you fight the charge in the best way possible.


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