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What Happens if I Get a Ticket in New York But I Don’t Live There?

What Happens if I Get a Ticket in New York But I Don’t Live There?

So you’re visiting the Big Apple when you find yourself at the wrong end of a traffic citation. It happens, but it’s still frustrating, and worse yet, you don’t live in New York. How are you supposed to fight your ticket? Do you have to come back to New York in order to do so? What are your next steps? In New York, there isn’t a big difference in procedure between in-state and out of state drivers. In other words, you’ll follow the same procedure. Each case is unique, but here’s the standard process you’ll likely follow.

Plead Guilty or Not Guilty

The first step in the process is to file your plea. If you plan to plead guilty, pay your fines, fees, and surcharges online. It’s the easiest way to go. For charges that would lead to suspension or revocation, however, you’re not allowed to pay your fines online so you’ll have to go to the Traffic Violation Bureau (TVB) to do so, even if you’re out of state.

If you plead not guilty, you have to schedule your hearing online. The system will set the earliest available day. If you don’t appear, you’ll either be convicted by default, have additional fees added to your ticket, or have your license suspended. Any combination of the three can also occur. If you don’t live in the state, you can conduct your hearing over the phone or on Skype unless your citation is for something that could lead to license suspension.

Change Your Plea

If you want to, you can decide to change a not guilty plea to a guilty plea. To plead not guilty you still have to pay any of the fines, fees, and surcharges associated with your citation. Full payment must be made before the hearing. It’s often better to keep the not guilty plea since winning the case might lead to fee reversals.

Reschedule Your Hearing

If you need to reschedule your hearing, you may do so once. After rescheduling, it’s imperative to keep the new appointment to avoid fees, a guilty verdict by default, or license suspension. It’s always better to keep your original hearing date and time, however, and doing so reflects better on you.

Request Notification

Your ticket must be in the system in order to enter a plea. If your ticket has not been entered yet, you can request notification of its entry via email. However, even if you don’t get the notification, you’ll still be responsible to contact the TVB office and enter your plea within the time given to you on the ticket or in your initial documents. Saying you didn’t receive the notification will not be considered a valid reason for missing any deadlines.

TVB Traffic Number

When you get a ticket in New York, that ticket has a number on it. Out of state drivers must know the number in order to handle pleas, payments, and other aspects of your case. It’s extremely important that you keep your ticket until every matter regarding your case is settled and closed.

If you received an out of state ticket, you have just as much right to fight it as you would if you received it in your home state. Choosing to fight a traffic ticket might seem trite, but it can actually save you a lot of time and money in the future.

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