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How Do I Reinstate My License After It’s Been Suspended?

How Do I Reinstate My License After It's Been Suspended?

Having your license suspended can impact your life in substantial ways. Not being able to get to work can cause you to lose your job. Not being able to take her children to school can have consequences all its own. Even if you have a restricted license, your freedoms are very limited during the time in which you’re serving out your suspension. That being said, when it’s time to apply for reinstatement you will likely be very excited to get your license back. Here’s what you’ll likely need in order to reinstate your license. However, keep in mind that every state has different rules and regulations, so you’ll have to check with your state to make sure you’re not leaving anything out.

Time Served

The first part of getting your license back is one that you’ve probably already completed if you’re looking for information on how to reinstate your license. The first part of your suspension, whether or not you had a restricted license during this time or not, it’s important to follow all of the rules during the time of your suspension. It might be tempted to just run to the store real quick or drive without a license and think you won’t get caught. However, breaking any of the rules of your suspension can lead to serious consequences, up to and including a longer license suspension, hefty fines, or even jail time in some cases.


Some states may require you to enter and alcohol rehabilitation program or driver education program or course. This is more common if the conviction that led to your suspension had to do with alcohol and drug-related issues. Defensive driving courses otherwise referred to as traffic school, and alcohol education help to reestablish face and trust and limit your liability in the eyes of the law. Usually, if you are required to take these courses or enroll in some kind of treatment, you’re required to do so at your own expense. Once you complete the required program, you can obtain certification and present it when you file for reinstatement.


Another common step you’ll have to take in order to reinstate your license is to get an SR22 form from your insurance company. An SR22 form it’s just a financial responsibility form that says you are insured and that demonstrates that you are taking steps towards responsible behavior. Provide the form when you file for license reinstatement. You’ll usually be given instructions on where to take it or who to send it to. SR22 forms are required by any driver the state deems as “high-risk”.


Unfortunately, a large part of almost every state’s license reinstatement process involves paying fees. You will likely have court costs, administrative fees, and additional fees that you may have accumulated throughout your case. Additionally, there will be a reinstatement fee in order to obtain your license once more.

Hire an Attorney

It’s often advisable to hire an attorney in order to help you make sure you have all the boxes checked when you go to the reinstatement process. Missing just one step can cause you to have to start the process all over again. In some cases, missing a deadline can me and having to serve out an entirely new suspension. Hiring an attorney can seem scary to some, but it shouldn’t be that way. We’re here to help make it easier.

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