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How Many Points Does it Take to Revoke My CDL?

How Many Points Does it Take to Revoke My CDL?

Commercial drivers are held to higher standards when it comes to the rules of the road. Stricter laws typically apply to them, and for good reason. The nature of driving larger vehicles or hazardous materials Warren’s the increase scrutiny. But the amount of points it takes to lose your commercial driver’s license, or CDL, varies from state-to-state. In some states, it’s not the number of points but the amount of tickets or the kind of accidents or incidents that matter. Here are some ways you can lose your CDL.

Too Many Tickets

In some states, if you get a certain number of tickets within a certain amount of time you can lose your commercial driver’s license. For instance, in the state of California you can’t get any more than two tickets within three years. If you do, you will very likely have your license suspended. You may not have an entirely revoked, but you will likely have to wait a number of years before you can apply for another commercial driver’s license. Sometimes, it’s not the points that matter but the number of incident, and this is a prime example of that.

Alcohol and Drugs

There is little to no tolerance for alcohol and drug-related offenses in the commercial driving industry, and a good thing, too. If you drive a commercial vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol and you get caught, you will very likely have your CDL revoked or suspended. If death or injury occurs because of that accident, license revocation is all the more likely. Even if you get convicted of a drug or alcohol-related offense while driving your personal vehicle, your commercial driver’s license can be in jeopardy, as well. The way the wall looks at it, if you can’t be responsible while driving a small vehicle that is for your personal, how can you be trusted to safely drive a larger vehicle carrying heavy or unsafe material?

Leaving the Scene

Leaving the scene of an accident is nearly unforgivable as a commercial driver. In fact, it’s almost certain that if you leave the scene of an accident you were involved in you will have both of your licenses suspended or revoked. You’re double irresponsible because not only can you come under legal scrutiny under your commercial license, but you can also put your company in Jeopardy, as well. The company is responsible or liable for what their employees do, so if your company incurs any penalties because of your behavior, they may pass on some of those penalties to you if they can.

Fighting Your Tickets

Commercial drivers need to be very careful about the amount of points they allow on their driver’s license. Even if you get a small ticket for something that seems inconsequential, it’s important to hire an attorney and go to court to defend yourself. Small and fractions can add up quickly when it comes to commercial drivers, even if those infractions are attributed to your personal license. While some people may feel that it’s intimidating to hire an attorney, it shouldn’t be that way. Attorneys are there to help you. The frustrating part can be finding a qualified attorney who has experience and a type of case that you have. Determining which attorneys meet those criteria can be difficult for the average. However, there is help.

At Ticket Void, we’ve worked for years with drivers just like you. We help pair you with a qualified attorney in your area who is vetted and capable of helping you with your specific case. By entering just a few pieces of information about your case, we can find and email you the information of an attorney near you who is best suited to help you with your case. The initial consultation is free, so what do you have to lose? Get started today, and exercise your right to fight.


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