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Can I Fight a Ticket if I Was Speeding Due to an Emergency?

Can I Fight a Ticket if I Was Speeding Due to an Emergency?

Your husband is sick and you’re driving him to the hospital. Your wife is giving birth in the back seat. In these situations, your respect for speed limits is likely going to take a nosedive, and that’s understandable. Sometimes emergencies require us to drive faster than the law permits. If you get a speeding ticket while your wife is giving birth, the officer who would have given you the ticket will probably call you an ambulance and escort you there instead. But what if you don’t have immediate proof? What if your husband is already at the hospital or there’s an emergency at your home? What if you were mailed a ticket because your speed was recorded by laser? If you’re speeding because of an emergency that the officer can’t see, you should almost always fight that ticket.

What is Considered an Emergency?

First, make sure you really were speeding due to an emergency. Some things we perceive as emergencies are not technically considered emergencies by the law. Usually, anything that puts people or property in immediate danger could be considered an emergency. If you have a reason to believe someone is in danger or your house is burning down or something like that, you’d be acting based on an emergency. Establish that an emergency took place with evidence, and then move forward.

Craft a Compelling Narrative

Crafting a narrative doesn’t mean making up a story or lying. Tell the truth, but do it in an engaging way and in a way that makes sense and that explains the dire nature of the emergency. Rambling about the incident right after it happened isn’t a great way to make your case. You’re too involved and not thinking clearly, in most cases. Sit down, put the events in chronological order, and tell the story the best way you know how.

Documentation is Everything

In order to establish an emergency you’ll need documents. Any documents you can find or obtain that prove the story you’re telling is accurate. Hospital admission records, health reports, 911 calls, witness statements, anything you can find to bolster your case that an emergency was taking place will help you and your attorney. A rabbi once showed a judge his surgical equipment to make the point that he was speeding because a circumcision had led to excessive bleeding – unique, to be sure, but it worked. Gather as much documentation as you can and make sure to have an attorney by your side. The legal system is complex, and only a qualified attorney can help you make your case in the most beneficial and persuasive way possible.

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