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Can I Get a Traffic Ticket on Private Property? Can I Dispute It?

Can I Get a Traffic Ticket on Private Property? Can I Dispute It?

Everyone knows you can get a ticket while driving out on the road. Any public roadway, parking structure, or similar area is within the jurisdiction of the police officers in your area. But what about private property? Can you get ticketed on private property? If you do get ticketed on private property can you dispute it? Each state has its own laws, but here are some general principles to follow. The legality of your citation can only be determined by the courts and an attorney, so consider hiring a traffic attorney if you’ve been given a citation on private property.

Private Property and Tickets

There are some loser rules as far as private property is concerned. For instance, if you park at a weird angle in your driveway and block the entry of another resident, the cops aren’t very likely to get involved and ticket you. The most that can come of that is annoying the people you live with. However, rules still apply, especially where safety is concerned, even if the property you’re driving on is private. For instance, if you’re speeding through a private parking lot you can still be ticketed because you’re putting anyone who might be in that parking lot in danger. Long story short, yes, you can get ticketed on private property but it very much depends on the state you live in, the officer who chooses to ticket you, and other circumstances surrounding the incident in question.

Disputing the Ticket

No matter what you got a ticket for, it’s almost always worth it to dispute the ticket in a court of law. While this is a decision you can only make with the advice of an attorney, there are many benefits to disputing the ticket. If you win, you can avoid costly penalties. You will also avoid having points added to your record if you win. If you’re close to license suspension, you may even be able to avoid it. You have the right to defend yourself in a court of law and present your size, no matter what you’ve been accused of. Disputing your ticket is not as scary as you might think it is.

Finding an Attorney

Some people are intimidated by the prospect of hiring an attorney. The process often seems scary and daunting. Even if you’re not intimidated by the fact of hiring an attorney, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options you have when looking for an attorney. Hiring a traffic lawyer can help you defend yourself in court, but only if the attorney is experienced and knows how to handle your particular case. Figuring out which attorneys can do that is often a confusing experience. However, it doesn’t have to be.

At Ticket Void, we’ve worked for years with drivers just like you. We help pair you with a qualified attorney in your area who is vetted and capable of helping you with your specific case. By entering just a few pieces of information about your case, we can find and email you the information of an attorney near you who is best suited to help you with your case. The initial consultation is free, so what do you have to lose? Get started today, and exercise your right to fight.


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