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Can I Fight My Speeding Ticket Even If My Speed Was Detected By Radar?

Can I Fight My Speeding Ticket Even If My Speed Was Detected By Radar?

People tend to think that radar is accurate and undeniable. Because of that, you might be tempted to plead guilty if you were ticketed for speeding and your speed was caught on a radar gun. However, radar isn’t as perfect as you might think it is. In short, yes you can fight a ticket based on radar, and in most cases, you should. Here’s why.

Was it Radar or Laser?

First, it’s important to establish whether or not your speed was actually caught on radar. If it was caught with a laser, that’s a different thing entirely. Radar and laser or not the same thing. Make sure you find out which method was used so you can adequately defend yourself in court. Hopefully, you’ll be having an attorney with you, and it will be useful for your attorney to know which method was used, as well. You can actually ask to see the officers notes or you can just ask the officer which method was used. Radar and laser are so different that they actually require completely different defenses.

How Radar Works

In very simple terms, radar beans bounce off or reflect off of moving objects in order to detect the speed of that object. Of course, that object is your car in this case. Because your car is surface is typically reflective, the radar beams bounce off at easily, return to the device, and issue a speed. In many cases, radar is accurate. However, radar has many limitations that most people are not aware of.

Limitations of Radar

One of the limitations of radar is that it cannot detect speed unless the beam is going in a straight line and is not obstructed. For instance, radar can’t go around a curve in order to detect your speed. Furthermore, radar beans are very much like light beams in that they expand as they travel. In other words, the farther away it has to go, The wider the beam spreads, very similar to a flashlight beam. This means that it’s the less specific at greater distances and can actually pick up other vehicles’ speeds as well. radar uses reflectivity of your vehicle to detect the speed of it, but when it’s rainy, windy, or stormy, lots of things are reflective. This makes inaccurate results much more possible.

Officer Training

You should also inquire as to how much training officer using device has had. Radar devices are usually simple to operate so officers are not required by law to have gone through any formal training in order to use it. However, using it and getting accurate results, especially in challenging conditions such as those involving distance and weather, requires a lot of practice and experience. Some officers will say that they took of course, but when pressed for more information it becomes apparent that that course was nothing more than a pep talk or an explanation from a supervisor. find out exactly how much training the officer has in the accurate use of a radar gun in challenging conditions. If it’s not a lot, that can add to your defense. you don’t necessarily have to ask the officer that question when you get pulled over, though. But it is something to find out as you prepare your defense.

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