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Will Criminal Traffic Tickets Show Up On My Background Check?

Will Criminal Traffic Tickets Show Up On My Background Check?

Background checks are a concern for many people. It’s stressful to wonder what will show up if an employer or future employer check to see what’s on your report, especially if you have a criminal traffic ticket. Criminal traffic tickets do stay on your record and they will show up for a period of time. State laws very often govern how long a conviction will stay on your record, but here are some considerations you should make when trying to determine what’s on your background report.

Length of Time

The length of time that a certain charge will stay on your background report varies based on the charge, the state in which you were convicted, and other factors. However, there are four typical durations for any given criminal charge. The most common durations are 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, and 10 years. Criminal traffic tickets are more serious in nature and they speak to a higher level of liability and risk. Because of this, most criminal tickets stay on your record for anywhere from 7 to 10 years. The only we didn’t know specifically how long your individual criminal conviction will stay is to ask the court that has jurisdiction over your case.

How Will It Affect You?

Criminal convictions showing up on your background report, especially if they are traffic tickets, will affect you most where car insurance is concerned. You will very likely have to pay an inflated rate for your car insurance because you will be seen as a high-risk driver. Most jobs and employers will let you explain what happened, but your future employment opportunities could be limited depending on the nature of the crime. Your car insurance company May the ask you to fill out an SR22 form, as well.

What Can You Do?

If your conviction has already occurred, there’s not a lot you can do. If your case is closed, that convictions already on your record. The only thing you could do at that point is to try and get your record expunged, but that is a very difficult thing to have done. There are strict eligibility requirements for those wishing to expunge the record, and most people do not meet them. If you’ve recently been charged however you should hire an attorney. Having criminal charges overturned obviously looks better than being convicted for them, and only inexperienced traffic attorney can help you navigate the legal Waters. The legal system is complex, and every case is unique. Even if you think your case is straightforward, it might not be. Having an attorney on your side is your best bet at a favorable outcome.

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