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What is a Parking Violation Summons and How Do I Know if I Have One Against Me?

What is a Parking Violation Summons and How Do I Know if I Have One Against Me?

A parking violation summons, also known as a parking violation notice, is not the same thing as a parking citation. The ticket you get On your windshield when you’ve broken a parking law is the citation itself. A parking violation summons is something you get in the mail later. It’s a letter that has more information regarding your parking citation and what you have to do next. It’s important to pay attention to these letters, as not paying attention to and following the directions within them and can lead to serious consequences such as license suspension.

What is a Parking Violation Summons?

A parking violation summons is simply a letter. It comes in the mail a short time after you’ve received a parking citation. It contains the instructions on when you have to pay the fines or by which date you need to request a trial if you intend on disputing the citation. It is very important to pay close attention to all of the information, and dates, and deadlines within the summons. If you miss deadlines, you can have your license suspended in some states. You can also lose your chance to defend yourself at a trial by failing to take into account the information given to you in the summons.

How Do You Know If You Have a Parking Violation Summons Against You?

There’s almost no chance that you won’t know if you have a parking violation summons against you. The letter is usually very officially packaged and arrives within 1 to 2 weeks of your parking citation in most cases. If you know that you got a parking citation, then you’re very likely to be getting a parking violation summons in the mail. If you’re worried about it, you can always contact the court via the information on your parking citation. You can also call the county court or the local DMV office as well.

Fighting a Parking Ticket

If you dispute the parking citation, you can usually request a trial. Your parking violation summons will tell you by which state you need to request a trial and how you can go about doing that. It’s beneficial to fire ticket, especially if you can’t pay the fines. even if you can pay, however, it’s worth it to fight your ticket. Even non-moving violations like a parking ticket can lead to points against your license that stay on your record for an extended period of time.

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