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What is a Lifetime Driver’s License Revocation and Is It Permanent?

What is a Lifetime Driver’s License Revocation and Is It Permanent?

Lifetime driver’s license revocation sounds scary. What would you do if you couldn’t drive for the rest of your life? It can be a very serious issue, but most people will never have to face a lifetime driver’s license revocation. Such an extreme revocation is very rare and is reserved for only the most serious or habitual offenders. Only the most dangerous drivers will ever have their license removed or taken away from them for their entire lives. Most commonly, a 10-year suspension will be given if your driving show signs of being hazardous to others but not extremely dangerous. Here’s what you should know about a lifetime driver’s license revocation, however, if you’re curious.

What Is a Lifetime Driver’s License Revocation?

For habitual, dangerous offenders, a lifetime driver’s license revocation is the removal of that person’s license for the rest of their life. Usually, this license is given out for people who have three to four or more DUI charges, who have multiple reckless driving convictions, or who otherwise show a serious disregard for the safety of others on the road. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and that privilege can be taken away if you show negligence or disregard for those you’re driving around on the road. Usually, a lifetime revocation is permanent, hence the name. Sometimes there are limited Provisions allowed to those who would face undue hardship if they did not have a license. For instance, if you couldn’t get to work and you will lose your job if you didn’t have a car or the ability to drive one, you may be able to drive on a restricted license that only allows you to go to certain places during certain times. Usually, you can only get this license if you agree to install an ignition interlock device so, especially if you’ve been convicted of an alcohol or drug-related incident.

Lifetime Revocations Are Very Rare

Lifetime revocations are extremely rare, no matter which state you’re driving in. Each state has different laws that oversee license suspension and revocation. In order to get the most specific and accurate information about lifetime driver’s license for the patients in your state, it’s advisable to contact the Department of Transportation, the Department of Public Safety, or the Department of Motor Vehicles. In most cases, if you are being considered for a lifetime driver’s license revocation your individual circumstances are taken into consideration. The courts understand you have a life to live and that you do have responsibilities to keep up with such as work, child care, groceries, and the light. If lifetime revocation is given, you can still apply for a restricted license in almost every case. However, true lifetime revocations are very rare and are almost never handed out unless the state is nearly certain that you will hurt yourself or somebody else if you’re allowed on the road. Even for the most severe offenders, 10-year suspensions are far more common than a lifetime revocation.

If you’re facing a lifetime revocation, you can hire an attorney to help you make the case for a restricted license. Some people are intimidated by the prospect of retaining an attorney, but it shouldn’t be a scary process.

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