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How Many Points Does it Take to Lose Your License in New York?

How Many Points Does it Take to Lose Your License in New York?

As with most States, New York uses a point system to monitor the driving habits of its citizens. Points are assigned to various violations. Traffic violations of a serious nature are given more points than those of lesser severity. If you accrue enough points, you’ll risk license suspension or even license revocation. However, certain violations can result in immediate license suspension regardless of how many points you’ve accrued on your license. Here are the ways in which you can lose your license in New York state.

Accrue 11 Points in 18 Months

In New York state, there is a wide range of Point values that you can approve. Speeding can get you anywhere from 3 to 11 points. Failing to stop for a school bus will warrant you five points against your license. Improper cell phone use can also accrue five points against your license. In New York, there is a higher number of points allowed before you will lose your license. That can make New York seem lenient, the given the higher number of points allotted for each violation, that’s not really the case.

Definite Suspensions

Certain actions will lead to automatic suspension in New York. Some of these will lead to definite suspension. That means that you know exactly how long you will have to refrain from driving and you must fulfill that time before you can get your license back. An indefinite suspension, on the other hand, means that your license is suspended until you complete certain tasks. Some actions leading to definite suspensions include driving without insurance, drug and alcohol-related driving charges, too many tickets within a given period of time, or breaking the rules for juvenile drivers.

Indefinite Suspensions

Some of the charges and violations that can leave the indefinite suspension include failure to answer a traffic ticket, not paying for a traffic ticket, not filing an accident report after an accident occurs, failure to pay child support, unpaid New York state taxes, and driving without insurance. Some of these are treated more seriously than others, so just failing to file an accident report. This can actually be seen as a criminal offense in some cases, especially where injury or death occurred.

License Revocation

In New York state, you can lose your license entirely by way of license revocation for certain drug and alcohol-related charges. You can also have your license revoked for various uninsured motorist violations. Most of the violations that warrant your license being revoked entirely have to do with accidents where negligence can be proven and where death or injury occurred. These can also warrant criminal charges against you.

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