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How Do Points Against My License Affect Me in California?

How Do Points Against My License Affect Me in California?

California has a points system in place to dissuade unsafe driving behavior and to monitor the driving habits of licensees. Different offenses have different levels associated with them, the most serious of which have the most points attached to them. For points within a year is all it takes to put yourself in danger of license suspension in the State of California. Here are some of the ways the points on your license can affect you.

Basic Rules

In the state of California, the suspension or revocation of your license as possible if you have four points within a year, six points within 2 years, or 8 points within 3 years. Automatic suspension will occur if you don’t have insurance at the time of an accident, you receive a DUI conviction, you’re charged with underage drinking, you’re a no-show in court, or you refuse a drug and alcohol test when asked to provide a sample.

Rules For Teens

For drivers under the age of 18, harsher rules are in place. These stricter rules are designed to make sure that younger drivers are behaving responsibly and are capable of handling a driver’s license. Since so many of the accidents that end in death, especially those involving drugs and alcohol, also tend to involve younger drivers, these rules were put into effect. If you’re under 18, all it takes is 3 points on your license within a year to Warrant suspension. If you fail to pay the fines after conviction, you can also face license suspension. If you obtain two points within a year and you’re under the age of 18, you can face having your license restricted. Drivers who are between 13 and 21 years old found to be using drugs and alcohol at the time that they were pulled over will face a one-year license suspension.

How Points Accumulate

Most California violations are worth 1 Point. Reckless driving, evading law enforcement, speeding at 100 miles per hour or more, transporting explosives, hit-and-runs resulting in damage or injury, and driving on a suspended or revoked license are two point offenses. Some of these offences also carry criminal charges with them, and you can actually be arrested for them. California law has no charge that is worth more than two points. However, you can also obtain multiple points in a single traffic stop. For instance, if you were ignoring a traffic signal while speeding and doing an illegal U-turn, that could be three points right there.

Fighting Your Ticket

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