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Can I Still Get a CDL After I’ve Received Tickets in California?

Can I Still Get a CDL After I’ve Received Tickets in California?

Commercial drivers who hold CDL licenses are held to higher standards. Whether you’re on duty or off, your driving behavior must be on par. Even the tickets you received while driving on your personal time can impact your CDL. Since maintaining a commercial driver’s license is imperative for those his livelihood depend on driving-related jobs, it’s worth knowing how an off-duty ticket can impact your CDL in California. The following factors contribute to whether or not your CDL will be obtainable after a ticket.

Overall Driving Record

One of the things that will be taking into consideration when you apply for your commercial driver’s license in California is your overall driving record. California looks back 10 years to decide whether or not you are a safe driver and are eligible for commercial driver’s license. It’s important to have safe drivers behind the wheel of commercial vehicles. This is even more critical if you’re driving large trucks or carrying hazardous materials. An overview of your license and the record associated with it will be a specific an individual process in most cases. Most of the time, you’ll be given a chance to explain anything that might be problematic. The exception to this rule is if you have drug or alcohol-related charges and convictions on your license. Those are often treated with much more scrutiny for obvious reasons.

Tickets in the Last Three Years

In California, if you have two or more tickets in the last three years it may mean that you cannot get your commercial driver’s license. As the rule currently stands, two or more tickets in the last 3 years are grounds for disqualification. If you have two or more tickets that you obtained in the last 3 years, you may be able to fight for your commercial driver’s license. However, because of the stricter scrutiny that goes into commercial driver’s license applications, the chances are low.

Out-of-State Tickets

When California applicants go for their CDL permit, a 10-year history Checkers. As mentioned above, this check is to look at your overall driving record for the last 10 years. However, it’s worth noting that this check extends across the country into every other state. Even if you have zero tickets in California but you have two more tickets elsewhere in the last three years or other convictions the California state deems problematic, it could still become a barrier to your obtaining a commercial driver’s license in California.

New Tickets

If you just recently got a ticket and you haven’t paid it yet, it might be worth it to fight the ticket in court. Many people feel that fighting a ticket, especially if it’s for something minor like speeding, is trite and a waste of time. However, nothing could be further from the truth. This is especially true if you’re trying to get your commercial driver’s license, since the fewer convictions you have on your record the better. A reversal of the charges and winning your case could mean an easier time of tanning your CDL since that particular ticket won’t be on your record. Obtaining a traffic attorney to help you through the process is usually the best option. Attorneys who are experienced in the area of traffic law can look at your case in a way that you might never have thought to. Having the help of a legal professional when you step into a courtroom is always the best idea.

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