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Can I Expunge a Traffic Violation From My Records?

Can I Expunge a Traffic Violation From My Records?

Getting a traffic ticket can cause great concern and anxiety in some. Violations can affect everything from insurance rates to employment, in some cases. Too many violations or violations of a certain kind can even lead to license suspension. You might be wondering if you can get rid of traffic violations and spare yourself the risk of suspension and the costs of the violation itself. Expunging your record is something you have to qualify for, but it is an option for some. Not all violations can be expunged in all states, however.

Moving vs Non-moving Violations

Non-moving violations can almost always be expunged if you’re eligible for having your record expunged in the first place. Moving violations aren’t always expunged, as some states have barriers against expunging convictions that meet certain criteria. Sometimes your ability to have a charge or conviction expunged comes down to the type of conviction it is. However, it mostly comes down to your state.

State Laws

Most states allow for moving violations to be expunged unless they’re serious or criminal in nature. Even then, it’s a case by case basis for most. Some states, like Illinois, have included legal provisions to prevent moving violations from being expunged at all. In that case, obviously, expunging your record wouldn’t do you any good even if you could. State laws govern most of this process, so it’s a good idea to check with them for the most accurate information.

Process of Expunging Your Record

Since each state is different, each state has different procedure for expunging your record. Eligibility requirements also vary from state to state. However, there is a general process that most states follow. Here are some of the requirements you can expect in nearly every state.

  • Must be first-time offender
  • Have to serve a waiting period/can’t file right after the conviction
  • No pending criminal charges at time of filing your expungement petition
  • Must be filed in the county court on a certain form
  • Petition forwarded to State Attorney and police department
  • If no objections, you move forward.
  • If objections exist, you must appear in court.

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