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California Driving Laws in 2018

It’s a brand new year, and many Californians are excited about the newfound ability to purchase marijuana. However, with this ability comes the danger of getting behind the wheel while under the influence of weed. Do that and you’ll be just as culpable of getting a DUI as someone who’s caught drinking and driving.

There’s been a big push recently to tell California drivers that driving under the influence doesn’t just mean driving under the influence of alcohol. New laws have been put in place to keep people from using weed and driving. But they aren’t the only new laws you’ll see in California in 2018.

Driving and Marijuana

As mentioned above, you’re not allowed to smoke marijuana and then drive a car. However, you’re also banned from using marijuana as a passenger in a vehicle, smoke while driving, or drive while under the influence of any form of marijuana, including marijuana you’ve ingested.

Seat Belts and Buses

If you’re riding on a bus that has seat belts, you’d better put it on. Starting on July 1, 2018, Californians who are riding on a bus that has seat belts must be wearing the seat belts at all times. This includes adults and children.

No Fines For Broken Meters

Sick of getting parking tickets by broken meters? Good news; you won’t have to deal with that anymore. A new law says that drivers can’t get a ticket for using a parking space if the corresponding meter is broken. However, it’s up to jurisdictions to place time limits on those spots. A given jurisdiction may limit parking to four hours, but any time limits must be clearly denoted by a sign explaining the time limit. If no sign is posted, you can’t be fined.

BAC Levels and Rideshare Drivers

Uber, Lyft, and other such drivers cannot drive their vehicle with a BAC of over 0.04 if a passenger is present. While before the standard 0.08 limit covered everyone, from here on out rideshare drivers are limited to half that. It’s a safety measure that protects everyone involved.

Smog Check Exemptions

Typically, if you buy a new car you don’t have to get a smog check for six years. Instead, you pay $20 annually. However, that exemption has been extended. You can now avoid the dreaded smog check for eight years. However, you’ll have to pay $25 per year during the seventh and eighth year of ownership.

Disabled Parking Laws

It’s no surprise to anyone that some people take advantage of or illegally obtain disabled parking placards and use it when they might not need to. In order to combat this problem, the DMV has new procedures that will go into motion this year. They’ll be performing random audits of disabled placards that have already been issued, issuing fewer replacement placards, and make those who have permanent placards renew their placards every six years.

Not Knowing is Not a Defense

Keep in mind that there might be more laws that went into effect this year depending on where in California you live. This is true with any state. Localities, cities, counties, and towns often create their own laws that you’ll have to look into and be aware of as you drive into the new year. In most cases, not knowing about a law is not a defense because the law assumes that if you’re driving a vehicle in a given area you’ve done your due diligence and looked up the corresponding driving laws.

However, if you do find yourself on the wrong side of those flashing lights this year, remember that paying your ticket is almost never a good idea. Fighting your ticket is always an option, and in most cases it’s the best option.

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