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6 Characteristics of Highly Experienced Traffic Attorneys

If you’ve been in an accident or charged with a moving violation, chances are good that you’ll need a qualified traffic attorney to help you. Whether you’re trying to decide if fighting the charges are in your best interest or you need someone to help you create a defense, experienced traffic lawyers can help you obtain the best possible result given your unique circumstances. However, finding a traffic attorney can be stressful and confusing for those who haven’t gone through the process before. To help you, here are six characteristics of highly qualified traffic attorneys. Look for these qualities when hiring an attorney, and you should be on your way to a pleasant experience.

They Have a Proven History of Success

A traffic attorney should have a proven history of success. You don’t need them to have won every case they’ve ever tried. In fact, that’s an unrealistic expectation. But if they’ve won a good amount of their cases and have a reputable name in the legal industry, they’re probably good at what they do and capable of obtaining favorable outcomes for their clients.

They Have Experience with the Applicable Area of Law

It’s not enough for your traffic attorney to have experience with traffic law as a whole. Traffic law is segmented into various branches, as are all areas of law, so it’s important to find an attorney who has experience in the specific area of law that applies to your case. That means that if you’ve been charged with a DUI, you don’t necessarily want a lawyer who has a lot of experience fighting speeding tickets. Those types of cases are very different. One of the defining characteristics of highly qualified traffic attorneys, or at least those who are qualified to try your particular case, is that they have experience in the area of law that applies to you and your case.

They Have Experience Handling Cases Like Yours

So you’ve found an attorney who has experience in traffic law, they have a proven success rate, and much of that success has been earned fighting cases in the area of law that applies to you. Great! But you’re not done yet. The last area of expertise you need to make sure your lawyer has is experience in your specific type of case. If you have a fairly typical DUI case and you’re considering an attorney who has fought many DUI charges with success, you’re probably okay. But if you have a complex or tricky case, make sure you hire an attorney who has experience fighting those particular types of cases.

They’re Forthright About Their Education

Be wary of attorneys who aren’t upfront about their education or who dodge questions about where they went to school. You want to make sure you’re hiring a lawyer who went to a reputable school, earned a good name there, and has verifiable credentials. Most attorneys put their education front and center on their website or informational handouts because they know that one of the characteristics of highly qualified traffic attorneys (or lawyers in their area of practice) is a solid education. Attorneys understand that it matters to their clients, and legitimate attorneys won’t shy away from questions about their education or be offended that you asked.

They Question the Validity and Worthwhile Nature of Your Case

If your attorney thinks every case is a good case to take, be cautious. Qualified attorneys look at the circumstances of your particular case and question whether or not it’s worth it for you to fight the case. They’ll ask you questions to determine whether you’d really benefit from taking your case to trial, and if they think you’re better off just paying the fine or pleading guilty, they’ll tell you so. If the attorney you’re talking to doesn’t ask you any of those questions and accepts your case right away – or over the phone – that’s a giant red flag.

They Come to a Quick Conclusion as to Whether Your Case is Worth Fighting

Finally, experienced traffic attorneys know when a case is worth taking. They’ll ask you a few questions and challenge the validity of your case, sure, but they won’t make you wait a long time before determining whether or not it’s worth fighting. If your attorney doesn’t come to a quick conclusion – usually within a single meeting – as to whether or not you have a case, that should make you wonder about the legitimacy of that particular attorney.

These are just a few of the characteristics of highly qualified traffic attorneys. However, when you’re faced with hiring a lawyer for the first time, looking for these characteristics can help you have peace of mind that you’re hiring someone who knows what they’re doing and can help you. The process might seem stressful or frightening, but hiring a traffic attorney is one of the best things you can do to make sure you’re obtaining the best possible outcome.


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