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5 New Laws Every Texas Driver Should Know About in 2018

5 New Laws Every Texas Driver Should Know About in 2018

It’s a brand new year, and that means brand new laws are on the books. Thousands of laws go into effect every year on local, state, and even Federal levels. However, most of them go overlooked. When it comes to your driver’s license, though, you should know about the laws that affect you. Whether it’s how you use your ID or new rules you’ll have to remember when you’re on the road, here are the five main laws you should know about as you head into 2018.

Credit and Debit Card Use

While checking your driver’s license as a form of ID has always been fairly common when using your credit or debit card, a new law gives business owners, retailers, and cashiers the right to prohibit you from using your credit or debit card if you don’t show a government-issued photo ID. The name on your ID must match the name on your card, as well, so if you get married or change your name for any reason, it’s important to make sure both your cards and your ID have the same name. As security concerns increase, it’s going to be more likely that retailers will use this newfound ability to refuse a transaction if you don’t have correlating information on both your form of payment and your ID.

Voter Changes

A recent court ruling said that Texas’ current rules and requirements where voter identification is concerned were too discriminatory towards minority voters. That’s because the law used to require you to show a photo ID, and many people are unable to obtain an ID due to financial or geographic difficulties. The law that was just passed states that any voter who has a reasonable impediment to obtaining a photo ID can show a bank statement, paycheck, or other similar types of documents as identification at the polls. Do know, however, that if you lie about your inability to obtain a photo ID you could be subjected to jail time.

Milk Moving

Previously, you could only haul 80,000 pounds of milk in a single truck. However, many dairy farmers and trucking companies complained that a cap that low was detrimental to their business. The Senate responded by considering and passing a new bill that raises the amount of milk that an be hauled on a single truck to 90,000 pounds. The caveat, though, is that the bill also brings with it a new permit that you’ll have to get in order to haul that much milk. The cost of that permit is $1,200.

Permission to Board?

Texas has been one of the stragglers when it comes to jumping on board the READY ID wagon. The READY ID initiative was put forth after 9/11 to help prevent terrorism and increase security. It put minimum security standards in place where driver’s license and IDs were concerned. Anybody from a state who hadn’t become READY ID-compliant by a certain date, most dates of which were at the end of 2017, couldn’t do certain things like enter a nuclear plant and, unfortunately, board a commercial plane. You can always show your passport, military ID, or other approved form of identification, but it still poses a hassle. If you’re wondering whether or not Texas is currently compliant, head onto the READY ID website and check. If it’s not compliant yet, you’ll need to bring alternative forms of identification or you could be told that you’re not allowed to board your flight.

No Weed Behind the Wheel

This law has been talked about a lot in states like California, but it’s worth noting that a recent Senate Bill has made it illegal for you to smoke or ingest weed while driving. You can’t drive when you’re under the influence of weed, either, even if you’re not consuming it while driving. The part that most people don’t realize, though, is that the law also prevents passengers from consuming marijuana in any form while the car is in operation. Being found guilty of consuming marijuana behind the wheel, even as a passenger, can lead to DUI charges since a DUI charge is not only related to alcohol.

Hopefully, 2018 brings you a year of hassle-free driving. But if you do find yourself at the wrong end of those red and blue lights, wait before you pay the ticket. Consider fighting your ticket instead.

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