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Updates News & Information About Driving Laws

Texting is 22: And Texting and Driving?

September 11th, 2014 by Mediashower

It’s hard to imagine a world without texting. Nearly 22 years ago, the words “Merry Christmas” were sent from a computer to a phone by an office worker, signaling the beginning of a new era of human interaction. SMS messaging now dominates global communication, but an unfortunate side effect is a new and undeniably dangerous behavior – texting while driving.

161100354 Texting is 22: And Texting and Driving?
The highways are dangerous enough without distraction. If you have to text, pull over!

Texting and Driving: Dangerous and Common

According to the article “Text Messaging: 22 Years Old and Going Strong,” 188 billion texts messages were sent every month in 2012 alone – and far too many of them were sent by people who were driving cars at the same time. The reason texting while driving is dealt with much more severely than a regular traffic ticket is because it is undeniably dangerous.

Unfortunately, many people who engage in the practice never get the chance to have a ticket attorney get them out of the trouble they’ve caused. According to the Federal Communications Commission, 18 percent of all auto fatalities involve drivers who were texting while driving. In 2010, more than 3,000 people were killed and nearly half a million were injured because of drivers who were distracted by texting.


Currently there is no federal, nationwide ban on texting and driving. But according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 44 states and the District of Columbia have enacted bans on the practice. All but five of those states consider texting while driving a primary offense, meaning that police can pull over a driver and issue a traffic ticket for no other reason than that offense.

464805559 Texting is 22: And Texting and Driving?
Be safe – and ticket-free. Make a commitment not to text and drive.

Any ticket attorney will tell you that – with the exception of driving while intoxicated – texting while driving is arguably the most dangerous and frequently punished highway behavior. Laws are strict and consequences are severe. Talk with a hands-free device or pull over if you absolutely have to text – your life might just depend on it.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers insurance and highway safety.

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Using a Traffic Attorney: What Can You Expect?

September 3rd, 2014 by Mediashower

Although similarities exist nationwide, it is important to understand that each state and community has different traffic laws, different penalties and different court procedures. Part of the benefit of hiring a ticket attorney is because of their intimate familiarity with local proceedings, protocols and players. If you get a traffic ticket that is serious enough, egregious enough or erroneous enough that you feel you need to hire a lawyer, this is what you can expect.

87300765 Using a Traffic Attorney: What Can You Expect?
A single judge, not a jury, presides over traffic cases.

The Consultation

After you do some research – both word of mouth and online – you’ll contact each of your potential lawyers and have a free consolation, usually over the phone. They’ll ask you several questions, including what was the traffic ticket for, where did you get the ticket, how old is the ticket, etc.

Dedicated Lawyers vs. Mom & Pop

Some law practices consist of just one or two people. These tiny practices are generally less expensive. They are, however, more likely to be overburdened and more likely to rely on outside help for research and other necessary services. The third parties with whom they work may also have too much on their plate to be fully dedicated. Bigger firms may have one or more fully dedicated lawyers who only deal with traffic tickets. They are more likely to be experts and they are also likely to cost more.

The Proceedings

You may meet your lawyer in person for the fist time on the day of your court date. When the court clerk calls your case, you will walk with your lawyer to the appropriate place in front of a judge, who oversees and runs the proceedings. If the citing officer is not present, your lawyer should point this out to the judge, who is then obligated to dismiss your case due to lack of prosecution.

If the officer is present, your lawyer may file last-minute motions such as continuances or extensions that can work in your favor. If the proceedings go forth, both the prosecution and you, the defense, have the right to opening statements. In many cases, both parties forgo this right and move straight to testimony. You will testify, the officer will do the same and the judge will make a ruling.

103580696 Using a Traffic Attorney: What Can You Expect?
Traffic ticket lawyers can help you win your case.

If you hire a traffic ticket attorney, you shouldn’t pay unless you win. Do your research, prepare your testimony and in the future, drive safe!

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer who covers highway safety and auto insurance. He also profiles top web content agencies such as MediaShower.com.

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Finding the Ideal Speeding Ticket Attorney for Your Case

August 25th, 2014 by Mediashower

Getting a traffic ticket – specifically one that is serious or exceptionally egregious – can cost much more than the price of the fine. Points on your license can affect everything from insurance rates to future job applications for positions that involve driving. A traffic ticket attorney is often capable of reducing or eliminating penalties that you alone would not have the resources or knowledge to do on your own.

123091625 Finding the Ideal Speeding Ticket Attorney for Your Case
In the long run, traffic tickets can cost more than just the amount of the fine.

Insist on a Specialist

Go to a specialist. Many competent lawyers handle traffic tickets – and a lot of other things. The reality, however, is that a speeding ticket attorney who specializes only in that is familiar with every technicality, every nuance of the law and every potential loophole – not to mention with the local judges, lawyers and court officials in your area. If you have a medical malpractice case, get a lawyer who specializes in that. If you need to beat a traffic ticket, get a traffic ticket attorney.

Ask About Caseload

Careers That Hollywood Over-Hypes” points out that attorneys often work long hours and have many cases. It is important to ask about their current caseload. Even the best speeding ticket attorney in the world can’t work up to his or her potential while overburdened with too much work.

Money Back Guarantee

A traffic ticket attorney who dedicates his or her entire practice to that single specialty often handles dozens or hundreds of cases in a single day. They should guarantee results. If your traffic ticket attorney doesn’t get your ticket tossed or reduced, you should not have to pay.

103580699 Finding the Ideal Speeding Ticket Attorney for Your Case
A good traffic ticket attorney can help you reduce or eliminate the consequences of your ticket.

It may seem silly to pay for a lawyer for something as simple as a traffic ticket. But the reality is that the price of a serious traffic ticket is more expensive than just the cost of the fine. If you hire a speeding ticket attorney, get a specialist who gives a guarantee – or else you may end up paying more in the long run.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer who covers traffic law, highway safety and the insurance industry.

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How Credit Can Affect Your Car Insurance Premium

August 17th, 2014 by Mediashower

Your credit score affects nearly every aspect of your life – including your car insurance premium. In an age where people are literally assigned a number that determines the kind of loans they can get, the interest they’ll pay and even the jobs for which they are eligible, it might be hard to imagine that one more aspect of your life is dictated by credit. But the reality is, your credit history weighs heavily on your monthly car insurance bill.

160338108 How Credit Can Affect Your Car Insurance Premium
Improving your credit can help you get a better auto insurance rate.

Fair or Not, It’s Reality

As discussed in “Study Shows Safe Drivers with Bad Credit Still Get Stiffed on Car Insurance,” insurance companies insist that – although it may seem unfair – they have statistic to back up their belief that drivers with bad credit are more likely to make a claim. Fair or not, it is legal and common to ask far more of drivers with a shaky financial past – in many cases, up to 100 percent more than they charge drivers with good credit.

Safety Second

Unfortunately, a sustained record of safe driving doesn’t help. If you never get in an accident, never need a traffic ticket attorney, never even get a parking ticket, it still doesn’t matter. All major companies, including Allstate, GEICO, Progressive, Liberty Mutual, AIG and State Farm all boost rates on good drivers with bad credit.

Out of Step

Even more disheartening is that insurers make no effort to look past your score. Many industries – including the auto-loan industry – are less concerned about your credit than they are with the circumstances surrounding a poor credit rating. Auto insurers, on the other hand, see just the score and don’t concern themselves with whether or not you were irresponsible or unfortunate in getting that low score.

178864435 How Credit Can Affect Your Car Insurance Premium
Many other industries consider why a credit score is low, instead of just looking at the number.

When it comes to your insurance premiums, there are some things a traffic ticket attorney can help you with. But when it comes to your credit history, no amount of ticket lawyers in the world can dissuade the insurance companies from squeezing you. Auto insurance premiums are one more incentive to improve your credit score.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance financial writer. He covers personal finance, business credit and personal credit.

Arizona traffic laws can vary in terms of the traffic ticket offense, consult legal advice to fight your traffic ticket

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A Guide to Choosing the Safest Tires for Your Vehicle

August 10th, 2014 by Mediashower

The only part of your car that actually makes contact with the road, your tires are your vehicle’s most important safety feature. Worn tires, under-inflated tires or simply the wrong tire for your vehicle or for the environmental conditions can lead to catastrophe – no matter how great your engine or brakes.

Follow this guide to buying the right tires.

167167470 A Guide to Choosing the Safest Tires for Your Vehicle
Getting the right size is the most important part of tire shopping.

The Basics

Modern tires are built from the inside out and contain between 19 and 25 different components. The inner liner gives the tire its shape and holds air. On top of that are belts made out of fabric and steel. On top of the belts are the tire’s tread, and the sidewall gives the tire its stiffness.

Choosing the Right Tire – the Code

A tire’s size is its most important element. A coded series of letters and numbers appears on your sidewall, usually starting with “P” or “LT.” “LT” is for “light truck.” The specifications for those with a commercial drivers licenses are different. If you have a car, look for “P.” A series of numbers follows indicating the tread width, aspect ratio, construction, diameter, load rating, speed rating and whether or not its suitable or all seasons.


A new generation of sound-reducing tires can help make your ride as noise-free as possible – especially on poorly surfaced roads. The Goodyear Wrangler SilentArmor Tire adds a layer of Dupont Kevlar to absorb road noise while making your tires incredibly rugged. Don’t let your quiet tires make you lose sight of your speed. If you get a traffic ticket, your Goodyear tires won’t be able to save you!

Where to Buy

The dealership is almost always the most expensive option because they swap worn tires out for original-equipment tires. Consider you local mom-and-pop tire store, or even a national chain in the neighborhood. Their tires are just as good, and they’re almost always cheaper. If you spend too much on tires, you won’t be able to afford a ticket lawyer if you get caught speeding on your new wheels!

160940313 A Guide to Choosing the Safest Tires for Your Vehicle
Avoid the dealership if possible – they usually charge more.

You tire is your car’s most important safety feature – and tires have improved dramatically in recent years. Getting the right fit is just as important as getting the right price. Avoid the dealership, know your specifications and shop around.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He profiles new cars and gives advice on highway safety.

Phoenix traffic ticket attorney can help keep your drivers license clear.


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3 Tips to Hiring Truck Drivers to Ensure Your Insurance Premium Doesn’t Increase

August 6th, 2014 by Mediashower

When insurance companies decide what your rates will be, they factor in a variety of elements, like your age, your location, your fleet size and what you haul. But there is one element that dominates all others when determining what you’ll pay: your drivers. The human beings that operate your vehicles play by far the largest role in the outcome of what your insurance bill will be every month.

484950753 3 Tips to Hiring Truck Drivers to Ensure Your Insurance Premium Doesnt Increase

Good Drivers, Good Records, Good Rates

As discussed in “4 Factors That Affect Commercial Auto Insurance Premiums,” the driving record of your drivers has a direct impact on your auto insurance rates. If you, as a person, get a traffic ticket or have had a few accidents, your premiums go up. It works exactly the same for the company that hires a questionable driver. If he or she gets a speeding ticket, it becomes yours.

Nip the Reckless in the Bud

Only hire excellent drivers and validate any resume information with the DMV. Weed out the dead weight by including a line in the job posting that says you’re only hiring drivers with excellent records, and that all records will be checked. This will prevent bad drivers from even entering into the application process in the first place.


The credit history of not just you, but also your company and your drivers can play a big role in the cost of your premiums. Insurance companies use a variety of factors in deciding what your rates will be, and your credit history is almost certain to work as either an aggravating or mitigating factor.

77739411 3 Tips to Hiring Truck Drivers to Ensure Your Insurance Premium Doesnt Increase
Good credit and a good driving record equals good insurance rates.

Insurance is the mitigation of risk. The better you drive, the less of a risk you pose to the companies that insure drivers. Hire safe drivers with proven records and good credit. Sure, there are other factors that weigh in, but do that, and you’re off to a good start.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers insurance, licensing and traffic laws.

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Can a Paralegal Help You with a Traffic Ticket?

July 28th, 2014 by Mediashower

When you get a traffic ticket, you have two options if you want to argue your case: Go it alone in the complicated and often confusing legal world in which traffic cases are resolved, or get a lawyer, which can, of course, be expensive. But what about the third option of talking to a paralegal? It is first important to know what a paralegal is, what they do, and what their limitations are before you seek out their assistance in fighting a traffic ticket.

183996292 Can a Paralegal Help You with a Traffic Ticket?
Paralegals are skilled legal professionals.

Paralegals Aren’t Lawyers – But They Often Know the Law

As discussed in “Six Degrees With Great Potential,” paralegals are in high demand. They have strong job security and make a good living. In the United States, however, they are not legally authorized to provide legal services. Although they do not represent clients and are not ticket lawyers, they may be able to offer an element of aid in the course of assisting a traffic ticket attorney.

Skill and Experience

An experienced paralegal could help you determine whether or not your case is worth paying for the services of a traffic ticket attorney. They are generally skilled researchers who could help comb through previous cases similar to yours to determine the probability of success in your particular situation. They can recommend attorneys, they can arm you with information that could help you mitigate your case and they could, of course, assist an attorney who is working for you.

481308097 Can a Paralegal Help You with a Traffic Ticket?
Can’t afford a lawyer? A paralegal may be able to offer some help with your traffic ticket.

Paralegals are skilled professionals with the education necessary to assist attorneys – including ticket lawyers – in their legal pursuits and defense of their clients. The attorney who employs them, however, is ultimately responsible for their work and the veracity of their research. Can a paralegal help you with a traffic ticket? The short answer is yes – but they are not a substitute for the services of a traffic ticket attorney.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance legal writer. He covers traffic law and ticket resolution.

A Phoenix ticket lawyer can help fight for your rights in moving violations, get in touch with a Ticket Void Lawyer.



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