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Updates News & Information About Driving Laws

Big Data and Driving

February 2nd, 2015 by Mediashower

Big Data and Driving

If you drive a car that was made in the last half a decade or so, chances are you’re a much better, safer driver thanks to big data. Big data has infiltrated every aspect of the automotive industry, from planning to logistics to in-vehicle technology, even if you’re not aware of it as you drive. Here are some some current trends, as well as some probable applications for big data’s future in your car.

483837013 Big Data and Driving
Big data is gassed up and on the road.

The Rise of Big Data in the Auto Industry

One expert analysis concluded that the auto sector “is transitioning from a primarily mechanical-based industry to a software-based industry. In fact, some would argue that the industry is transitioning from a transportation focus to a technology focus.” Much of this shift toward big data will not come in the form of radical new technology inside your car, or even anything that you notice at all. Big data has already been implemented in logistical applications such as supply-chain management and, of course, marketing. But there are real-world applications that have a real-world impact on your car.

What You Don’t Know Can Prevent You From Getting Hurt

One of big data’s most direct contributions to the auto industry is through the perpetual quest to make vehicles safer. As discussed in the article “Is Your Big Data Going to Waste?“, big data only works if it provides actionable results, and this has never been more true than in motor-vehicle development. Safety testing, post-accident analysis, closed-track analysis, endurance testing, crash testing, field analysis and weather testing all require the collection, warehousing and analysis of an enormous amount of data. Everything from improvements in anti-lock brakes to automatic drift correction in modern steering systems is the result of big data.

Wifi-Connection from Your Car to the Cloud: The Ford Model

Ford envisions a future in which data is sent not just from the driver to the car company, but vice versa. Cars in Ford’s Energi line of hybrids generate a full 25 gigabytes of data every hour. That data is then beamed back to drivers through a mobile app, informing them how their car is performing, the level of battery left to go and the location of the nearest charging station.

169279774 Big Data and Driving
Big data is riding shotgun with you – even if you don’t know it.

From supply-chain logistics to crash test analysis to intelligent vehicle technology that collects and analyzes data for delivery to the driver, big data is involved in most aspects of the automotive industry. As the car manufacturing business continues its shift toward becoming an industry based on software and tech, expect to see big data push even farther forward.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance tech writer who covers big data, marketing analysis and small business technology.  Big Data and Driving

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Drive Save. Stay Healthy.

January 25th, 2015 by Mediashower

Drive Safe. Stay Healthy

Unsafe driving can be costly. It results in tickets, court fees, fines, legal fees, the cost of traffic school, loss of income from license suspension and the increased insurance premiums that inevitably come in the wake of a ticket or accident. But the more immediate consequence – the very real possibility of death or irreparable bodily injury – is often a secondary consideration. Although cars are immeasurably safer than they were in previous generations, accidents are still common and dangerous. Nobody likes fines, but put yourself first – drive safely for your health and wellbeing.

455048951 Drive Save. Stay Healthy.
America’s roads are open, inviting – and dangerous. Drive safe!

Motor Vehicles – Getting Safer, but Still Dangerous

Although auto fatalities have been declining since 2006, nearly 33,000 people died in motor-vehicle accidents in 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. About a third of them died as a result of alcohol-related accidents. That’s a drunk-driving death every 52 minutes. Around two and a quarter million people survive car accidents every year, but sustain injuries that require medical attention.

Young People: Higher Risk, Less Insurance

As discussed in the article “What Does Student Health Insurance Cover?,” young people are among the most chronically underinsured citizens in the entire country. Since they are generally healthy and possess fewer financial resources, young people are often underinsured – when they don’t go without altogether. But young people are the most at risk for serious accidents.

According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control, seven teenagers between the ages of 16-19 die every day in car accidents. Although they represent only 14 percent of the population, 15-24 year olds account for 30 percent of the total cost of motor vehicle injuries.

Safe Driving Tips

If you’re drinking, don’t drive. If you’re driving, don’t drink. Don’t take narcotics or some prescription medicines when driving, and don’t get in a car with anyone who does. Distracted driving is the new drunk driving. Text messaging – or any handheld phone activity, such as checking email or social media – is a common contributor to deadly accidents. Keep children seat-belted in, and make sure small children are in an age-appropriate, correctly installed car seat. Keep your car in good condition, always use caution when changing lanes and don’t pass on single-road lanes unless it’s absolutely necessary.

119757016 Drive Save. Stay Healthy.
Young drivers are at the greatest risk for accidents, but they’re also more likely to be uninsured.

Tickets and fines are a negative side effect of unsafe driving, but there is a more immediate concern: your physical safety, and that of other drivers and pedestrians. Auto safety has made major strides in recent years, but driving is still deadly far too often. Drive like your life depends on it – it just might.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers insurance and highway safety.

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Car Insurance Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

January 20th, 2015 by Mediashower

Car Insurance Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Are you paying too much for car insurance? If you haven’t looked at your plan for a while, and if you’re a good driver with a good record, chances are that you are. The single biggest step you can take to get the best rates is to avoid tickets and accidents, but here are some simple ways to save that you may not even be aware that you’ve been missing.

carinsurance Car Insurance Mistakes You Dont Want To Make
You can take proactive steps to save money even if you have a few blemishes on your record.

Don’t String Out Payments

An infographic titled “Costly Car Insurance Mistakes” points out that one of the best ways to save big money up front with almost every company is to pay your premiums in full. This, of course, requires the driver to have enough money saved up front to foot the bill. But if you can pay the full six months in advance, it could save you as much as 10 percent.

Dust Off That Old Plan

Re-evaluate your plan periodically, especially if you recently underwent a life change. It’s time to shop around if you have reason to believe that your credit score has improved, if you got an old ticket cleared up or if an old accident passed the three-year threshold.

Do Things Insurance Companies Like

Virtually every insurance provider offers discounts for bundling. You get a better rate if you give them more of your business. Shop for bundled rates for insuring all of your vehicles, as well as your home, business and supplementary plans. Taking driving classes – specifically for older drivers and young or new drivers – can lower premiums by up to 15 percent.

Safety Features Save You Money

Many insurers offer discounts for the following safety features:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Rearview (backup) cameras
  • Daytime running lights
  • Emergency response systems
  • Anti-theft systems
  • Airbags

Other Considerations

If you are a low-mileage driver, consider switching to a pay-by-the-mile plan. Also, don’t choose a deductible that is too low if it boosts your monthly payments too much. Are you a student with a good GPA? Chances are you can get a discount.

carinsurance2 Car Insurance Mistakes You Dont Want To Make
Take advantage of the discounts you may receive for all of your car’s safety features.

You should drive safely and avoid tickets because it’s safe, but also because it saves you money. Take advantage of every discount your insurer offers, including safety features that you may already have on your car. If you’re plagued by a few tickets or other blemishes on your record, consider going to driving school or taking some other proactive move to get better rates. Always remember that, even if it’s not fair, your credit score now is now a factor with virtually every major insurance company.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers insurance and highway safety.  Car Insurance Mistakes You Dont Want To Make

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4 Tips for Using the Internet to Find a Great Traffic Ticket Lawyer

December 28th, 2014 by Mediashower

Some traffic tickets you just don’t want to handle on your own. If you need a traffic ticket attorney, just type in a simple Google search, and you’ll see pages and pages of results – many of which make outlandish promises. But if you need a really great ticket attorney, you’ll have to search wisely.

57277848 4 Tips for Using the Internet to Find a Great Traffic Ticket Lawyer
A good lawyer can help reduce or eliminate penalties associated with traffic tickets.

Visit Ticket.com

TicketVoid.com’s traffic ticket attorney is unique in that users can filter results not just by location, such as state and county, but also by issue. For example, users can search by the expertise or experience of a lawyer, such as DUI or reckless driving.

Check Out DMV.org

DMV.org is a private website that is not affiliated with any state motor vehicle agency. It does, however, maintain a database of lawyers who specialize in traffic law. You can filter the results by state such as finding a New York traffic ticket lawyer and even ask lawyers questions online.

The American Bar Association

The ABA is the largest attorney trade group in the country, representing nearly half a million members. They have resources and lists available. Check your local chapter of the Bar Association for leads.

Use the Better Business Bureau

Review sites like Yelp can be cheated, rigged or weighted with fake reviews. But the Better Business Bureau is the holy grail of business reputation and incident reporting. When you narrow it down to a few potential individuals or firms, make sure to run the name through the BBB to see if any person or entity has lodged complaints or filed a suit against them.

123091625 4 Tips for Using the Internet to Find a Great Traffic Ticket Lawyer
Traffic tickets can cost you up front and later down the road – search for a good lawyer!

Search the biggest databases to narrow down your search by location, cost, specialty and experience. From there, make sure to run all your potential options through the Better Business Bureau to be certain that everything is on the up and up with the attorney you’ve chosen to help you with your ticket.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer who covers highway safety, traffic laws and insurance. He also profiles top content sites for other writers, such as Mediashower.com. 4 Tips for Using the Internet to Find a Great Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you received a traffic ticket in arizona – call a local lawyer in cities like Phoenix

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How to Avoid Car and Personal Loan Scams

December 16th, 2014 by Mediashower

Buying a car or securing a loan is stressful. Unscrupulous people or businesses who scam unsuspecting people are aware of this. They often focus on people who are vulnerable because past financial problems may make it hard for them to get a loan. Beware of scams. Even though getting a legitimate loan can create anxiety, allowing your optimism to let you fall for a deal that sounds too good to be true will cause you more stress in the long run.

174283326 How to Avoid Car and Personal Loan Scams
Don’t fall for a car loan scam! Look for the biggest warning signs.

Look for the Telltale Signs

As discussed in the article “How to Detect and Avoid Personal Loan Scams,” there are many red flags that should indicate right away that something may be amiss. Instead of watching out for an individual scam, look out for some of the warning signs that are central to all kinds of different frauds.

“Bad Credit, No Credit, No Problem” Is Usually a Problem

If you have a checkered financial past, and your credit has suffered, it may be tempting to go to a car dealer or lender who claims not to care about your credit history, or even if you have no credit at all. Beware of anyone who guarantees a loan without examining your financial history.

Never Wire Money

Mail fraud and wire fraud laws are strict and severe. If someone uses the mail or a telephone to commit a crime, they can face decades in prison. To get around these laws, many swindlers convince their marks to send them the money they intend to steal through Western Union, MoneyPak or a similar service. Anyone who asks you to wire loan payments or make them directly to an individual should be treated with suspicion.

The money-loaning business is flush with predators. They are counting on your desperation and your hope to get a loan that is better than what your credit or income should allow. Use common sense. Never pay anything up front or wire money. Be skeptical of anyone who isn’t concerned with your background. Get a co-signer and work to rebuild your credit, but never be a victim.

482232411 How to Avoid Car and Personal Loan Scams
People with financial problems are often the target of loan scams.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance business writer. He covers personal finance and borrowing.  How to Avoid Car and Personal Loan Scams

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Car Loan Calculators: What They Are, and Why You Need One When Car Shopping

December 16th, 2014 by Mediashower

Shopping for a car is stressful. Among the biggest anxieties, of course, is the loan you will take out to pay for the car. The terms of your loan will have a huge impact on both monthly payments and overall cost. Can you crunch those numbers in your head (or even on paper) under the pressure of a car deal? You don’t have to! A loan calculator can help you understand your loan and do the hard work for you.

carcalculator Car Loan Calculators: What They Are, and Why You Need One When Car Shopping
Unless you’re really confident in your math prowess, a loan calculator can always get the numbers right.

Learn the Loan’s True Cost

The article “Car Shopping? Don’t Leave Home without a Car Loan Calculator” gives the example of a loan for a car that costs $15,000. At 11 percent interest, with payments of $387 a month over four years, the car actually winds up costing $18,000 in the long run. If you can do that math in your head, on the spot, good for you! But for most of us, wading through complicated formulas to find the true cost is much easier with a loan calculator.

Compare Different Loans

In order to make sure you’re getting the best deal, you have to compare different loans. When several loans of different lengths of time and with different interest rates and different monthly payments are all side by side, most of us aren’t going to want to do those calculations with a pen and paper and hope that we didn’t forget to carry a one. Use a loan calculator to ensure accuracy and get the right loan.

Break Down Different Loans into Their Fundamental Parts

Loans consist of three main parts: the principle, the term and the rate. The principle is the amount of money you’re borrowing, the term is how many months you will take to pay it back and the interest rate is how much extra you’re going to pay on top of the principle. With a loan calculator, you can quickly see if lower monthly payments will actually cost more in the long run because of an extended term.

carcalculator2 Car Loan Calculators: What They Are, and Why You Need One When Car Shopping
Bring a loan calculator along for the ride when you’re buying a car.

A loan calculator takes the anxiety out of the loan-shopping process for those of us who aren’t natural number crunchers. Use a loan calculator to understand and compare different loans, to break down your options and to ensure accuracy in arithmetic that could otherwise contain costly errors.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer who covers highway safety, traffic laws and the new car market.  Car Loan Calculators: What They Are, and Why You Need One When Car Shopping

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Have Bad Credit and Need to Get a Car? Don’t Despair – it Happens All the Time

December 9th, 2014 by Mediashower

Your credit score can mean the difference between a good interest rate on a loan, a bad interest rate on a loan or not getting a loan at all. The ability to get a loan for a car is directly linked to the financial history of the person applying for the loan. If you have damaged credit, however, it is not impossible to secure a loan – even at a decent rate.

credit vehicle 2 Have Bad Credit and Need to Get a Car? Dont Despair   it Happens All the Time
Bad credit can hurt you chances of getting a good auto loan – but you still have options!

Get the Dealer to Vouch for You

As discussed in the article “4 Real-Life Stories of Consumers Who Got Bad Credit Auto Loans,” sometimes the car dealer can influence lenders by vouching for potential buyers who have bad credit, but who have proven that they have taken steps to improve their financial situation. When a dealer puts a good word in for a buyer with questionable credit, that recommendation can be a powerful tool in swaying a lender who is on the fence about offering a loan.

Get a Co-Signer

In another case, a dealer got a co-signer with good credit to sign on to the loan. If the person who was buying the car missed a payment or defaulted on the loan, the responsibility would fall on the co-signer. When the buyer maintains the commitment and pays faithfully, the co-signer is unaffected. As a side bonus, the buyer builds his or her credit by maintaining the terms of the loan.

Get Involved, Fix Errors

There are three credit bureaus responsible for collecting and maintaining credit information. Everyone is entitled to one free credit report from all three bureaus once a year. Check your credit reports. Examine everything from your personal information like name and address to the details of loans you’ve defaulted on in the past. You have the right to challenge mistakes and, if verified, have them removed. Removing false information can dramatically improve your credit score, which lenders use to determine the outcome of your loan.

credit vehicle Have Bad Credit and Need to Get a Car? Dont Despair   it Happens All the Time
Bad credit – even a recent bankruptcy – doesn’t have to prevent you from getting a car loan.

Your first step should be to get involved with your credit status. Get your free reports, examine them for errors and develop a plan to improve. In the beginning, you may need a cosigner, but as your credit improves, you may be able to refinance on your own. If you can, get a dealer to put in a good word for you. When you do get a loan, remember, pay on time, every time.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance finance writer who covers personal finance and taxes. Have Bad Credit and Need to Get a Car? Dont Despair   it Happens All the Time

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