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Updates News & Information About Driving Laws

Is Becoming a Truck Driver a Good Choice for You?

October 19th, 2014 by Mediashower

Seventy percent of all material cargo in this country travels by truck. The people who drive those trucks can find peace, meaning and good money in the trade. But truck driving is not for everybody. Do you have what it takes to be a truck driver?

179046791 Is Becoming a Truck Driver a Good Choice for You?
Truck drivers are lured with the freedom and adventure of the job.

The Lure of Truck Driving

Few jobs in America offer more independence and ability to move around than truck driving. If 9-5 office workers had an opposite, it would be truck drivers. If your personality can tolerate long hours alone and far from home, you can make excellent money and become an owner/operator. Although solitude is not for everyone, those who love the lifestyle find a new adventure every day on the road. Sure, you may have to hire the occasional CDL ticket attorney, but those who love it find the occupation irresistible.

CDL and Other Requirements

As discussed in “Seven Great Careers for People Who Want a Life,” truck drivers, of course, hove to learn how to operate a heavy vehicle. To prove that you’re capable, you’ll have to get a special license called a commercial driver license (CDL), which is only granted after passing a test. There are educational courses that can help you prepare, and some states require potential truck drivers to complete driver-training classes that are certified by the Professional Truck Driver Institute.

Realities and Restrictions

If you decide that this life is for you, be warned – excellent driving is an absolute must for all truck drivers. Not only is it safe, but penalties for speeding and other highway infractions are much more serious for CDL drivers – and hiring a CDL ticket attorney can be pricey. Also, expect long hours over extraordinary distances, but don’t expect a regular schedule – or a regular paycheck.

517417089 Is Becoming a Truck Driver a Good Choice for You?
Truck driving is not for everybody. It can be difficult, lonely work.

Truck drivers face long hours on the road, physical strain from a largely sedentary lifestyle and endless hours alone with their thoughts. But for those with the personality to match the rigors of the lifestyle, truck driving can be one of the most peaceful, exciting and lucrative careers imaginable.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He profiles new vehicles, reports on highway laws and the insurance industry. Is Becoming a Truck Driver a Good Choice for You?

If you received an Arizona traffic ticket you can always check to see the laws and how they apply to your situation at TicketVoid.com

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Which Vehicles Are the Least Expensive to Purchase (and Still Good Quality)?

October 14th, 2014 by Mediashower

Looking for a new car can be a daunting task – especially if you’re on a tight budget. The good news is, you’re not the only one pinching pennies. The last few years have seen a race to the bottom by all major automakers to spice up their entry-level vehicles in an effort to compete for drivers who are looking for value over luxury.

newcar Which Vehicles Are the Least Expensive to Purchase (and Still Good Quality)?
Look at gas mileage as much as sticker price. Good fuel economy pays dividends over time.

Which Class Has the Most Value?

An article that tackles the question “What Cars are the Cheapest to Own?” points out that subcompacts are often the cheapest. They’re great on gas, and their small engines don’t require a lot of repairs. They aren’t powerful, but they come with modest price tags.

Honda Fit

The Honda Fit starts at just over $15,000. It’s roomy and fun to drive for a low-end car, and its superb gas mileage will pay dividends down the line.

Kia Rio

The Kia Rio is one of the cheapest cars made, with an MSRP starting at just over $13,000. Its gas mileage isn’t stellar, but it’s good at 29 miles per gallon. It comes with a standard six-speed automatic, which is rare for its class – don’t get a traffic ticket!

Chevrolet Sonic

The Chevy Sonic cruises in at just over $14,000. It’s fairly quick, very quiet, and it handles well. The sedan version has a huge trunk, but the hatchback has better cargo versatility.

Ford Fiesta

Starting at $14,100, the Ford Fiesta is agile and comes with a surprisingly nice interior. Its manual transmission is a little slow – you’ll probably never get a traffic ticket for speeding – but its fuel economy makes up for any shortcomings with speed.

newcar2 Which Vehicles Are the Least Expensive to Purchase (and Still Good Quality)?
When shopping for a subcompact, remember that many models come in both sedan and hatchback.

Subcompacts are the best cars available when it comes to value. They are small and easy to handle, they get great gas mileage and they’re easy to park. The best in their class are surprisingly roomy and can be had for well under $15,000. Sure, there are other classes that offer more, but there is no better bargain than the best subcompacts.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers new cars, highway safety and auto insurance. Which Vehicles Are the Least Expensive to Purchase (and Still Good Quality)?

For a very good traffic lawyer or a phoenix speeding ticket lawyer visit the Ticket Void website for a local attorney.

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3 People to Ask for Referrals for a Traffic Ticket Attorney

October 6th, 2014 by Mediashower

When looking for a lawyer, word of mouth is still the very best way to get a good referral. When you get a citation, it seems that everyone suddenly becomes a traffic ticket attorney. But you need the real thing. Seek referrals from the people who are most likely to be able to give genuine help.

153132658 3 People to Ask for Referrals for a Traffic Ticket Attorney
Other lawyers can use their inside knowledge to give great referrals.

Other Lawyers

If you have an attorney – or if you’ve used the services of one for something else in the past – that’s a great place to start. Traffic law is a specialty, and although it’s not the specialty of the guy who represented you when you got hurt at work or when you needed a business lawyer to write a contract, he or she is likely to know other lawyers with other areas of focus – including a traffic ticket attorney or two.

Your Family

One of the biggest reasons that people roll the dice on a Yellow Pages lawyer instead of asking the advice of the people closest to them is because they’re ashamed they got a ticket in the first place or think their loved ones will be angry or worried. Remember – you’re innocent until proven guilty! The reason you’re asking for their help in weeding out the bad ticket lawyers is because you haven’t yet had your day in court.

The Cops

If you’re friends with a police officer or have a cop in your family, he or she is likely to have a wealth of first-hand knowledge about the best and worst ticket lawyers. By the necessity of their jobs, police officers spend a lot of time in court and have an intimate knowledge of traffic law and the people who litigate it. If you’re not close to a law enforcement officer, don’t be afraid to ask a few of them randomly for advice – they might be happy to steer you in the right direction.

76132024 3 People to Ask for Referrals for a Traffic Ticket Attorney
Even in the age of social media, an old-fashioned word-of-mouth referral is still your best bet for finding a lawyer.

When looking for a traffic ticket attorney, the people who are closest to you and closest to the court are going to be the most help. Start with your family – they have your best interests in mind – and from there, move to the people on the inside – the police and other lawyers.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer who covers traffic law and highway safety. He also profiles top content providers such as MediaShower.com. 3 People to Ask for Referrals for a Traffic Ticket Attorney

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What Kind of Education Does the Ideal Ticket Attorney Have?

October 2nd, 2014 by Mediashower

When shopping for a ticket attorney, you’ll want to look at his or her record of success and failure, you’ll want to make sure you get along with and trust them, and you’ll also want to look at their background. If you get a traffic ticket that is so bad it requires the help of a lawyer, you’ll want to know exactly who it is you’re hiring.

481308089 What Kind of Education Does the Ideal Ticket Attorney Have?
If you get a ticket that’s serious enough to hire a lawyer, get one with a stellar background.


As discussed in “Best Careers for Ambitious People,” lawyers act as counselors and advisors, and they, of course, have law degrees. Although there is no pre-law course of study, undergrads who want to become lawyers often focus on majors like English, government, computer science and public speaking to hone the research, oratory and technical skills they’ll need for a career in law.

Extra-Educational Preparation

Check to see if the traffic ticket attorney you’re thinking of hiring ever had an internship or worked as a clerk prior to joining a firm or going into business for himself. This time of preparation often gives future lawyers their first real taste of what life is like in the real world of law. Traffic ticket attorneys who had this kind of prep often face a much more forgiving learning curve.

Law Enforcement

Some of the best traffic ticket lawyers are those who were once on the other side of the law. Former investigators and police officers know the rules, protocols and procedures relating to traffic court proceedings. A traffic ticket attorney with a law enforcement background can be a formidable opponent in court.

103580690 What Kind of Education Does the Ideal Ticket Attorney Have?
The time to argue your ticket is in court – get a lawyer!

Hiring professional counsel for traffic court is a tough gamble. You don’t want to spend so much that you spend more than it would have cost just to plead guilty, but you don’t want someone who is inexperienced or unprofessional. Check out your potential lawyer’s background, education and references, and always make sure you’re on the same page as far as your goals and strategy are concerned.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers highway safety, insurance and traffic law. What Kind of Education Does the Ideal Ticket Attorney Have?

If you need a phoenix speeding ticket lawyer visit the Ticket Void website for a local attorney.

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Insuring Your Ride: Tips for Getting Quotes and Choosing the Best Deal

September 30th, 2014 by Mediashower

There are two ways to get car insurance quotes. You can contact individual companies and ask them for a quote on your own, or you can go through third-party firms and compare rates from different insurers at the same time. Getting the best quote depends on a lot of factors, including where you live, your age, the kind of car you drive and whether or not you’ve had a recent traffic ticket.

492494951 Insuring Your Ride: Tips for Getting Quotes and Choosing the Best Deal
Insurance is required to drive in every state.

Lots of Choices, But Little Selection

It seems as if there are a million companies competing for your business. The reality, however, is that the top five insurance companies dominate more than half of the entire market. These are giant corporations that do business across the country – but insurance regulations, standards and prices differ from state to state.

If you a free car insurance quote in California, for example, you may have a different number of options of carriers, and those carriers may offer dramatically different prices than they would in another state – even though the car and driver are the same.

Check them Out!

Before you even request a quote (which requires you to divulge some personal information), you should dig into the company’s background by running their name through the Better Business Bureau. This is especially true if you opt not to choose one of the large, national giants.

Credit and Premiums

Understand that your credit score almost always affects the premiums you’ll pay for car insurance. This a controversial concept, but a concept based in reality, nonetheless. Everyone knows a traffic ticket can boost your rates, but many are surprised to find out a shaky financial past can hurt their premiums as well. Although many consider it to be unfair, insurance companies insist there is a direct correlation between credit and the likelihood of filing a future claim.

103580696 Insuring Your Ride: Tips for Getting Quotes and Choosing the Best Deal
A single traffic ticket can dramatically affect your insurance premiums.

You must have insurance to drive a car. The type of insurance you get and how much it will cost depends on a lot of different factors. But the one element that remains unchanged is that the process will start with a quote.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers insurance and highway safety. Insuring Your Ride: Tips for Getting Quotes and Choosing the Best Deal

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Lease or Buy: Which One Should You Do?

September 25th, 2014 by Mediashower

When you’re in the market to buy a new car, you’re likely to encounter a bunch of friends and family members who tell you that leasing is actually the way to go. If you say you’re looking to lease, you’ll hear the same thing about buying. The fact is, neither leasing nor buying is the right thing to do. They both come with benefits and drawbacks.

455642233 Lease or Buy: Which One Should You Do?
There are benefits and drawbacks to both leasing and buying a car.

Buying: The Pros

When you buy a car on payments, it will eventually be yours – free and clear. You can drive it whenever you want, as far as you want, without having to worry about going over predetermined mileage limits. Once it’s paid off, you can sell it at will. Normal wear and tear, or cosmetic follies such as a spilled drink, won’t come back to haunt you. You can modify it or add any accessories you like, and you’re almost certain to pay lower insurance.

Buying: The Cons

A big drawback is that payments that go toward ownership are almost always higher. There is usually a down payment required, and depending on your credit, that payment can be substantial. The value of your car depreciates rapidly, and once you’re past warranty, the repair bills are yours alone.

Leasing: The Pros

When you lease, your payments will almost always be lower. If a down payment is required, it will likely be small, and you don’t have to pay up front sales taxes. You can claim it as a tax deduction if you use the car for business, and people with lower credit are more likely to get consideration. Follow tips in the article “5 Ways to Pay Less When Leasing a Car” to save even more money.

Leasing: The Cons

Leasing requires the payment of higher insurance premiums, whether or not you get a traffic ticket. Also, there is no way to pay off the car – you will always have payments. Whether it’s from pets, children or the mishaps of daily life, any wear and tear will bite you later, and you’re charged for any mile driven over the allotted amount.

143080575 Lease or Buy: Which One Should You Do?
Big families result in more wear and tear, which could spell trouble for those who lease.

Like buying a home versus renting an apartment, purchasing or leasing a car is a big decision that comes with benefits and drawbacks. As with any financial transaction, the terms of your contract are the most important element.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers auto insurance, highway safety and profiles new cars. Lease or Buy: Which One Should You Do?

If you need a phoenix speeding ticket lawyer visit the Ticket Void website for a local attorney.

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Texting is 22: And Texting and Driving?

September 11th, 2014 by Mediashower

It’s hard to imagine a world without texting. Nearly 22 years ago, the words “Merry Christmas” were sent from a computer to a phone by an office worker, signaling the beginning of a new era of human interaction. SMS messaging now dominates global communication, but an unfortunate side effect is a new and undeniably dangerous behavior – texting while driving.

161100354 Texting is 22: And Texting and Driving?
The highways are dangerous enough without distraction. If you have to text, pull over!

Texting and Driving: Dangerous and Common

According to the article “Text Messaging: 22 Years Old and Going Strong,” 188 billion texts messages were sent every month in 2012 alone – and far too many of them were sent by people who were driving cars at the same time. The reason texting while driving is dealt with much more severely than a regular traffic ticket is because it is undeniably dangerous.

Unfortunately, many people who engage in the practice never get the chance to have a ticket attorney get them out of the trouble they’ve caused. According to the Federal Communications Commission, 18 percent of all auto fatalities involve drivers who were texting while driving. In 2010, more than 3,000 people were killed and nearly half a million were injured because of drivers who were distracted by texting.


Currently there is no federal, nationwide ban on texting and driving. But according to the Governors Highway Safety Association, 44 states and the District of Columbia have enacted bans on the practice. All but five of those states consider texting while driving a primary offense, meaning that police can pull over a driver and issue a traffic ticket for no other reason than that offense.

464805559 Texting is 22: And Texting and Driving?
Be safe – and ticket-free. Make a commitment not to text and drive.

Any ticket attorney will tell you that – with the exception of driving while intoxicated – texting while driving is arguably the most dangerous and frequently punished highway behavior. Laws are strict and consequences are severe. Talk with a hands-free device or pull over if you absolutely have to text – your life might just depend on it.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance auto writer. He covers insurance and highway safety.

If you need a phoenix speeding ticket lawyer visit the Ticket Void website for a local attorney.

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