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Fight your Traffic Ticket In San Antonio, Texas

If you've been ticket in San Antonio, make sure you're aware of all your options before paying that fine. Even if you've been charged with a criminal offense, don't plead guilty, admit fault, or pay anything until you look into your options. In most cases, it does you more harm than good to pay the ticket. Paying your ticket means admitting fault, which could mean higher car insurance rates, points on your license, or, depending on your situation, the revocation of your license altogether. To adequately fight your ticket, you'll need to be aware of what the fines and penalties are, the long-term costs of paying your ticket, and how to fight your ticket if you decide it's the best option for you.


Traffic Fines and Penalties in San Antonio


San Antonio traffic fines vary widely depending on what you were charged with, the state of your license, your driving record, and other circumstances. There is a base surcharge assigned to various violations. If you were charged with a simple speeding violation, you could be looking at anything from $100 to $400 or more. There are immediate surcharges that go into effect for certain traffic and driving violations. For instance, your first DWI or DUI conviction is an immediate $1,000. Driving without insurance is an automatic $250 fine, and driving without a license at all is $100. That's just the base fee, and charges go up from there.

You'll also be looking at additional charges if you have a certain number of points on your record. If you've accumulated six points within a year, that's an automatic $100 surcharge, with an additional $25 per point beyond that.

So, let's say you were speeding and driving without insurance and you already had six points on your license. That's an automatic $350 before you even calculate the fine for speeding, and the fees only go up from there.

It usually makes sense for people who receive a ticket to fight it. Even if you can only get the courts to reduce your overall fine, it still will be a benefit to you. However, you should try to get your ticket thrown out because the long-term consequences of having a ticket on your record can be even more costly than the initial fees.


Long-Term Costs of Paying Your Ticket


Paying your ticket and the hefty fines and surcharges that go with it is just the beginning. Studies show that a single ticket for a minor traffic violation can raise your insurance premium as much as 18 percent, and more serious charges even more than that. What's more, you'll have points against your license. Any moving violation in San Antonio, Texas will get you two points against your license, which means you can only get three tickets a year before you start to incur even more charges and fines. You can remove a portion of these points by going to traffic school, but you have to pay for traffic school out of your own pocket. As you can see, you could be looking at a minimum of one year of extra fees beyond what your ticket initially cost. This means it's almost always a good idea to fight your ticket.


Benefits of Fighting Your Ticket


You have 20 days in the state of Texas to respond to any traffic tickets. That means you have to pay it or plead not guilty within 20 days, otherwise you'll have late fees to deal with, too. Fighting your ticket means you can give yourself a chance to plead your case. If you have evidence to support your innocence or a good reason why you shouldn't have to pay, all the better. For instance, if you were cited for going through a stop sign, but the stop sign was covered by foliage and you have a picture proving that, you should be able to get your ticket thrown out. However, even if you don't have an evidence-clad case, you should still fight your ticket and see if you can get your fees reduced, at a minimum. Consult with a San Antonio traffic attorney and see what your options are.


How Ticket Void Can Help


If you were charged with a traffic violation in San Antonio, don't feel discouraged. You have the right to fight your ticket and avoid the long-term consequences of pleading guilty. For years, Ticket Void has been pairing drivers like you with quality, experienced San Antonio traffic lawyers who can review the specifics of your case and help you obtain the best possible outcome. You could avoid steep fines, penalties, and even save your license. Simply enter a few basic pieces of information and you'll be matched with traffic attorneys in San Antonio who can help you exercise your right to fight your ticket. The consultation is free -- what do you have to lose?