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In Charleston, South Carolina you have a few options if you receive a speeding ticket. You can opt to appear in court, pay the fine, employ the assistance of a Charleston traffic ticket attorney or enter a not guilty plea by mail or fax. If you choose to appear in court, you are usually offered a reduction in the points and fine in return for a guilty plea and immediate cash payment. If you are not satisfied with the offer, you still have the option of pleading not guilty and also of requesting a jury trial. Your best option however is to get the help of a Ticket Void traffic ticket attorney who can minimize penalties and protect your license.

Ticket Void attorneys specialize in traffic ticket defense and have a proven track record of defending cases just like yours. With their intricate knowledge of South Carolina traffic laws, they can work to your advantage to help prevent the fines and points associated with speeding tickets. As you may know speeding tickets combined with guilty pleas mean that you will get points on your driving record. If too many points accumulate your license may be suspended resulting in more court time, fees and penalties. In addition to the possibility of getting your license suspended points also mean that your car insurance rates are likely to go up tremendously and stay up for a number of years. To prevent all of these consequences your best bet is to employ the help of a traffic ticket attorney who can represent you to the fullest extent of the law.

South Carolina Point System

Violation Penalty

Speeding less than 10 mph over limit 2 points

Driving at least 10 mph too fast for conditions 2 points

Speeding between 10-25 mph over limit 4 points

Speeding 25 or more above limit 6 points

In South Carolina if you accumulate too many points in a certain period of time you will have your license suspended. If you accumulate 12-15 points your license will be suspended for three months; 16-17 points, suspended for four months; 18-19 points, suspended for five months; 20 or more points, suspended for six months.

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