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Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Traffic Ticket Laws

In Philadelphia, the PennDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Motor Vehicles) holds strict regulations on traffic tickets and points on a license. The point system in the state of Pennsylvania dictates that point violations are handled in bundles of 6. Every 6 points that are reached on a motor vehicle record require certain classes or make the driver eligible for suspensions. Luckily, Drivers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are also working on a 12 month time frame with traffic violations.

Motorists can receive deductions and rewards for going without violations in a 12-month time frame. Although 12 points is considered the magic number, no one should ever have to push the limit of this point system. It is imperative to find a strong traffic ticket lawyer in order to keep a driving record clean. A good traffic ticket lawyer understands the ins and outs of any Philadelphia law, and how best to fight a traffic violation in Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia, a speeding ticket can:

Speeding ticket in Philadelphia can be complicated and carry a lot of weight with points.Speeding violations in Philadelphia range from 2 points to 5 points with automatic suspension and/ or hearing. Don't forget, in addition to these points, your insurance company can choose to increase your rates, if they decide to keep you covered at all. Becoming a high-risk driver is detrimental to all aspects of your life. Speeding tickets are the largest markers to insurance companies, but having a skilled speeding ticket lawyer can help you fight any charges. Speeding ticket lawyers can help you avoid trial and are the best option to keeping your insurance low. Ticket Void is the best source for a speeding ticket attorney.

Points for a speeding ticket in Philadelphia can range from

Speeding 6 to 10 mph over the limit
Speeding ticket MPHPoints for Speeding Violation
Speeding 6 to 10 mph over the limit2 Points
Speeding 11 to 15 mph over the limit3 Points
Speeding 16 to 25 mph over the limit4 Points
Speeding 26 to 30 mph over the limit5 Points
Speeding 31 mph or more over the limit5 points with automatic hearing/ suspension

In Philadelphia, a traffic ticket can:

Other traffic violations in Philadelphia can include

Philadelphia Traffic ViolationPoints for Infraction
Failure to stop for a red light3 Points
Illegal U-turn3 Points
Careless Driving3 Points
Failure to stop at a railroad crossing4 Points

The state of Pennsylvania does not outlaw cell phone use, but it does outlaw texting while driving. According to Pennsylvania State Law SB 314, texting and driving will be a $50 fine. The law went into effect on March 12th, 2012

In the city of Philadelphia, the use of cellphones is strictly prohibited. The first offense for a cellphone violation is $150. A second offense with a cellphone is a $300 offense. Anyone using a phone must a a true handsfree setting on the phone. A Traffic ticket lawyer is worth consulting if you feel you are targeted unfairly in regards to a texting and driving citation.

DMV Locations

AAA Mid-Atlantic Messenger #11801 Market St. Philadelphia, PA 19103(215) 399-1180
Center City Photo & Exam Center801 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA 19107(800) 932-4600
Laughlin Messenger Center1210 S. Broad St. Philadelphia, PA 19146(215) 334-1315
Columbus BLVD. PennDOT Driver License Center1530 S. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA 19147(800) 932-4600

County District Court Locations

Philadelphia City HallBroad and Market Streets Philadelphia, PA. 19107215 686-7000
Pretrial services/ Adult Probation Center1401 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA. 19102215-683-3700
Arbitration Center1880 JFK Boulevard 5th Floor Philadelphia, PA. 19103215 686-9590
Criminal Justice Center1301 Filbert Street Philadelphia, PA. 19107215 683-7000
Family Division Courthouse1801 Vine Street Philadelphia, PA. 19103215 686-4000
Municipal Court Civil Division1339 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, PA. 19107215 686-2910
Family Court/ Domestic Relations34 South 11th Street Philadelphia, PA. 19107215 686-9300
Philadelphia Traffic Court800 Spring Garden Street Philadelphia, PA. 19123215 686-1675

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