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Las Vegas Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Sin city is known for its no bull rule when it comes to speeding tickets. Many offenders are passing through on some sort of vacation or business trip only to be caught speeding in addition to the large amounts of money they have lost gambling. However the biggest gamble you can take is not at the casinos themselves but what you decide to do in terms of your ticket. When you pay a speeding ticket without fighting it you get points on your driver's license which results in increased car insurance premiums. These hikes can last for years and over time can really add up. The best thing to do when you get a speeding ticket is to hire a speeding ticket attorney to put together a credible defense in your name.

Because the burden of proof is on the state and not on the driver a traffic ticket attorney can often help drivers get their cases dismissed or fines reduced. Often the tickets given in Las Vegas are issued as a means of generating extra revenue from all the tourists that come through. Ticket Void will connect you with reputable traffic ticket attorneys who will negotiate a plea on your behalf. In most cases drivers who have received tickets from out of state can resolve their issue without having to come back to the jurisdiction where they received it.

Las Vega Speeding Ticket Points System

Violation Penalty

1 - 10 mph over posted limit 1 Point

11 - 20 mph over posted limit 2 Points

21 - 30 mph over posted limit 3 Points

31 - 40 mph over posted limit 4 Points

41 mph or more over posted limit 5 Points

Driving too fast for the conditions 2 Points

If you receive 12 points in a 12 month period you will have your license suspended. To avoid the fines and court time associated with this it is wise to take the appropriate action in the form of hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney to defend your rights.




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