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Baltimore Traffic Ticket Laws

In Baltimore, the MVA (Maryland Vehicle Administration) holds strict regulations on traffic tickets and points on a license. Driving with infractions on your record can stay there for two years and must be expunged to be wiped from your record. Simply paying a traffic ticket is exactly the same as pleading guilty to a traffic violation. If an individual receives more than 8 points in a 2 year period, their driver's license may be suspended. If a driver reaches 12 points on their driving record within that two year period from traffic tickets in Baltimore, they can have their license revoked. If a license is revoked in Baltimore after receiving multiple traffic tickets, the driver must then reapply for a license.

In Baltimore, a speeding ticket can:
A speeding ticket in Baltimore can be one of the most severe speeding violations you receive. If you are issued a speeding ticket, a traffic ticket lawyer should be consulted immediately. Baltimore traffic laws state that you must request a trial or you will automatically be found guilty of the speeding violation in question. Speeding tickets and violations can cause serious harm to your driving record, and finding a tough law firm that specializes in speeding ticket defense is imperative to fighting a speeding ticket.

Points for a speeding ticket in baltimore can range from

9 MPH or less1 Point off of license
10 MPH or above2 Points off of license
20 MPH or higher when limit is 65 MPH5 Points off of license
30 MPH or higher5 Points off of license

In Baltimore, a traffic ticket can:
Just because you have not hit the 8-12 point mark with traffic tickets does not mean that the traffic violations have no effect on the driver. Many times, the MVA in Baltimore can ask the driver to take driver's education courses. It is always a good idea to seek out a traffic ticket lawyer that is well versed in the area's laws. Ticket Void pairs our users with top tier traffic attorneys and law firms to help you fight your case.

Other traffic violations in Baltimore can include
Red light tickets can also become a problem for drivers in baltimore. A traffic ticket from a red light camera must be argued within 30 days to recieve a possible reduced sentence. Toll violations for failure to pay or speeding through a toll way are common in Baltimore, and can result in hefty fines or points based on your driving record. A skilled traffic ticket attorney will be able to argue the tickets based on preponderance of evidence. Other traffic ticket worthy infractions include driving without a license or a suspended license, along with driving without insurance. All of these infractions can carry heavy fines and point totals.


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