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A Miami speeding ticket can come with some unwanted consequences besides the hassle of being embarrassed for getting pulled over. In addition to the fine you have been imposed you will even notice that your car insurance rates have increased over time. There are other options than paying the ticket and admitting guilt. You may have the option to attend traffic school but most importantly you can elect to fight your ticket and get professional help from a traffic ticket attorney who will represent you in court. Ticket Void will connect you with a Miami speeding ticket attorney who will offer you the best chance of getting your case dismissed by using his expertise in the law.

In Florida a speeding ticket is considered a civil infraction which must be paid within 30 days of the issue date or you run the risk of having your license suspended. Drivers must be aware that when you pay a traffic ticket there is an admission of guilt and as a result the offense will be put on your record. If you choose to employ the help of a traffic ticket attorney they will appear in court on your behalf and uphold your rights to the fullest extent of the law.

Miami Speeding Ticket Penalties

Violation Penalty

Unlawful speed resulting in an accident 6 Points

16 mph or more over lawful posted speed 4 Points

15 mph or less over lawful posted speed 3 points

If you are found guilty of a moving violation points will be assessed towards a license suspension. This comes with severe fines and additional court time that every driver should choose to avoid. The following explains the laws regarding points on your Florida driver's license: If you accumulate 12 points within a 12-month period your license will be suspended for 30 days; 18 points in 18-months, 3 month suspension; 24 points in 36-months, one year suspension.




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7/21/2011 traffic ticket in Miami Blog:

Fighting a traffic ticket in Miami Florida is a rather simple  process.  Depending upon what type of traffic ticket the driver received it can be a rather quick easy process.  There are various types of moving violations: speeding tickets ( are the most common), reckless driving, careless driving, red light violations, driving while license is suspended and the most serious violation is a Driving Under the influence DUI.  These traffic infractions can be defended by hiring an experience traffic ticket attorney.  A local Miami traffic ticket lawyer can help you navigate the local courts and the eliminate the tedious process of going to court by yourself.  A local traffic clinic  office can handle the whole process and you can have the peace of mind that it will be taken care of in the correct manner.  The whole goal is to keep the points off your license so your insurance premiums don't go through the roof.  It's  also important to deal with these tickets in a timely manner.  If you miss your court date and get a FTA Failure to Appear you can have an warrant issued for your arrest.  If you have multiple moving violations you can also risk having your license suspended.  The best policy is to get a free consultation from a local Florida traffic ticket attorney.  Visit this page For more information on Florida speeding laws. Most lawyers offer a free consultation to explain how they can defend your case.  For a free consultation fill out the form above and call the traffic attorney for your free consultation today. 

4/11/2011 Miami traffic tickets blog:

A Speeding ticket can come with some unwanted consequences in Miami Florida.  A traffic ticket attorney can help navigate the court proceedings and provide very useful guidance in keeping the points off your license.  A Miami traffic ticket law firm can fight a speeding ticket and keep your insurance premiums from rising.  Speeding violations for a driver can be paid directly to the court or the driver can hire a speeding ticket law firm to handle the traffic infraction.  Most drivers hire a Florida speeding ticket attorney  to fight their ticket. In Florida the costs for hiring an attorney is very cost effective.  The lawyer does all the work and most of the time the driver does not have to show up for court.  In some instances you can take driving school to keep the points from affecting your insurance premiums. If you are going to fight the ticket make sure you know when the court date is and that you don't miss the court date as this will result in a 'Failure to appear' FTA and may result in having your driver license being suspended.  Driving on a suspended license can be  very costly mistake almost as bad as a DUI.  If you need to get a free consultation from the Ticket Void attorney network, please fill out the form above to connect with our Miami traffic ticket attorney. is a free service for the driver to get  free consultation from our Miami lawyer. 


Miami traffic violations

Miami-Dade County classifies traffic tickets under two categories, Civil Infraction or Criminal Traffic Ticket. In 2008 the county issued more than 750,000 traffic tickets. Civil Infractions include speeding, careless driving, non-moving violations, failure to stop at a traffic signal, improper restraint of a child and driving under the influence. If you are charged with a civil infraction you have three options; Pay the civil penalty, request a court hearing or attend driving school.

Payments of civil infractions must be made within 30 days of the issue date or you risk the chance of your license being suspended. Please be aware that when you pay a traffic ticket there is an admission of guilt and as a result the offense will be put on your record.

The request of a court hearing must be made within 30 days of the infraction being issued. A hearing date detailing the time and location shall be sent in the mail. If you request a hearing it is suggested that you fight your Miami-Dade traffic ticket with an experienced Ticket Void traffic law attorney.

Attending a Driving Course of 4 hours or 8 hours will prevent points from being accessed against your license. However, a 4 hour driving course may only be attended once every 12 months and the 8 hour course is available only once during your lifetime.

The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles uses a point system to monitor driver's infractions. The accumulation of more than 12 points in 12 months will result in the suspension of your driver's license.

A criminal traffic ticket is a case in which the driver is accused of committing a traffic violation that is punishable under state law as a misdemeanor offense. Violations include street racing reckless driving, driving under suspension and driving under the influence.

The state of Florida defines reckless driving as driving a vehicle in a manner that exhibits 'willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property.' An officer may perceive that you are driving reckless if driving with excessive speed. Excessive speed in the state of Florida begins at 15 mph over the speed limit. Because reckless driving is an criminal traffic ticket it is a criminal misdemeanor and is punishable by severe fines and jail time.

If you are issued a criminal traffic ticket a court hearing date will be sent by mail. The failure to appear FTA can result in a beach warrant being issued for your arrest. Criminal Miami Traffic tickets are punishable by severe fines and may include incarceration in the Miami-Dade County jail. In addition, to the fines and court cost a court may assign a form of rehabilitation.

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