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Jacksonville Speeding Ticket

If you have received a Florida traffic ticket chances are you are considering just paying it and moving on with your life. While this may seem like a good option there are other important considerations that drivers must take into account. In Florida paying a ticket is the equivalent to admitting guilt and results in points against your driver's license. If you are a repeat offender you are risking a possible license suspension as a result of your moving violation accumulations. Additionally your car insurance provider will get wind of your traffic record and increase your insurance rates causing you to spend more money over time than exercising what may be your best option- fighting your ticket.

With the help of Ticket Void you can get in touch with an experienced traffic ticket attorney who will defend you in court for a flat fee and can often get your case completely dismissed, your points negated, or your traffic fees reduced. A speeding ticket attorney is experienced in interpreting the law and can determine if there are challenges that can get your case dismissed. This is your best chance of beating your ticket and saving money in the long due to the inevitable increase in your car insurance rates.

Jacksonville Suspended License Point System

Jacksonville has strict penalties for drivers who are caught speeding. If you receive too many points in a designated period of time you are prone to the following penalties:

Points Accumulated Suspension Duration

12 points within 12 months 30 day suspension

18 points within 18 months Three month suspension

24 points within 36 months One year suspension 

Jacksonville Speeding Ticket Points System

You can see from the above that it pays to avoid getting points on your driver's license because of the consequences that occur. Here is a breakdown of the speeding ticket infractions and the points that are assessed. You will receive six points if your speeding infraction results in an accident; four points if you receive a ticket for speeding 15 mph over the speed limit; and three points for speeding 15 mph or less over the speed limit.

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5/9/2011 Traffic Ticket Attorney Blog:

Fighting a traffic ticket sounds like an easy thing to do but there are many facts that need to be presented in such a way were you win or beat your traffic violation.  Just showing up to traffic court and hoping the police office doesn't show up isn't a good plan for winning the case as most police officers are rquired to show up in court.  A Jacksonville speeding ticket lawyer knows the Florida traffic law and if it is a drinking and driving case it is very important your have a Jacksonville DUI Attorney to help defend your case.  Lawyers know the courts and district attorneys and can help navigate the confusing court proceedings.  Speeding tickets are the most common moving violations in Florida and Florida Speeding tickets is big business for the state and is a much need source of reveue.  If you have abunch of points on your license and have already taken drving school hiring a traffic ticket attorney is a wise solution.  In most cases, fighting a Florida speeding ticket and the cost to hire a traffic ticket attorney is a very low cost solution and in some counties can be less then taking the family out to dinner.  If you need to pull your driving record you can call the DMV or go visit your local DMV office.  Do your self or loved one a favor fight your florida traffic ticket with an experienced local attorney, fill out the form above and call the local traffic lawyer today.  Get your free consultation today!

4/25/2011  traffic ticket lawyer blog:

Did you notice all the speed traps on the highway on this Easter holiday weekend?  If you were a driver going to church or visiting relatives this weekend one probably notices a large amount of speed traps located on highways and roads throughout the United States.  Speeding tickets and traffic tickets in Jacksonville Florida are on the rise.  There is a big debate over whether these moving violations  are mover for generating revenue or making the roads safer.  Either way when a driver gets a speeding ticket or traffic ticket they have 2 choices pay the ticket or fight it and go to traffic court.  If the driver wants to fight the ticket they can hire a local Jacksonville Florida traffic ticket attorney or try and fight it themselves.  When hiring a local law firm they will get the experience of years worth of knowledge and which courts have a better success rate in fighting tickets.  In Florida the traffic laws are similar to most states, however, hiring traffic ticket lawyers in Jacksonville Florida are rather inexpensive compared to most cities in the US.  These traffic ticket legal fees are about half as much as what you would pay in other major cities across America.  Keep your driver's license clean and keep the points of your DMV record hire a speeding ticket attorney today!  If a driver would like a free consultation from the Ticket Void attorney - fill out the form above to contact the traffic law firm for your free consultation.

April 4, 2011  speeding ticket blog

Spring break is over and everyone is back in school to finish up the rest of the year.  For those of you who received speeding tickets or traffic tickets in Jacksonville Florida while traveling to or from school don't forget to deal with your moving violation.  A traffic ticket can be handled in a couple of ways.  One way is you can pay the traffic  ticket and get points added to your license and have your insurance rates increase. The more practical approach is to hire a local traffic ticket attorney mainly someone who specializes in Jacksonville speeding tickets or moving violations.  A Jacksonville traffic ticket lawyer can fight your ticket and help keep those unwanted points off your DMV record and keep your insurance premiums from increasing.  These traffic attorneys are in the Duval county courts all the time and can represent most cases for a very low fee.

Do yourself a favor don't let this ticket turn into  a failure to appear (FTA) or go into warrant status.  Call a Ticket Void network attorney to fight your Florida speeding ticket.  Contact a Ticket Void attorney now for a free consultation. 

March 17, 2011 traffic violation blog post: We are heading into spring break which means lots of tourist will be visiting Jacksonville Florida to have fun in the sun. This also means that the Florida highway patrol will be out in full force issuing traffic tickets and DUI's to traffic offenders. A couple of tips for motorists traveling to Florida that you might want to get a radar detector for the car or check out this new iphone app called Fuzz alert - it turns your iphone into a radar detector. This unique program can help the driver avoid speeding tickets or traffic tickets and dui's by alerting drivers of approaching speed traps and police enforcement areas. Much like the CB radio and flashing the headlights to on coming drivers to alert them to slow down or stop speeding, this app connects iphone users and has audio alerts for approaching speed traps or cops. Traffic tickets and speeding tickets can be a costly mistake and have serious repercussions on your driver's license, dmv record and insurance premiums. If you receive a speeding ticket in Jacksonville or surrounding counties you can hire a traffic ticket attorney that focuses on traffic law. A Jacksonville Speeding ticket attorney can negotiate on your behalf to reduce the points or plea the violation out to a lesser moving violation. In most cases it is lets costly to hire a local traffic ticket attorney then spend the day off of work, pay for parking etc.and try and fight the ticket yourself. Fill out the form above to receive your free consultation from a Duval county traffic lawyer.

January 19 2011 Jacksonville Reckless Driving Traffic Ticket: Florida Traffic Attorney  

If you have been charged with a Jacksonville reckless driving ticket, this is a very serious matter.  In fact, this is one step below a dui in terms of severity for the Florida licensing department.  If you already have points on your license this can be a serious penalty and in some cases you may lose your license.  Speeding tickets in general are often fought by traffic lawyers who specialize in Florida traffic law.  If you receive a Jacksonville reckless driving ticket you should contact a Jacksonville traffic ticket attorney who specializes in Florida traffic law.  Traffic violations in Florida can be trick if you hold a license from another state and you received the ticket in Florida.  For  a CDL driver or commercial truck drivers reckless driving tickets can be very damaging to your career most companies will terminate cdl drivers in excess of 15  miles over the speed limit and  with a reckless driving ticket on your DAC report or MVR most hiring employers see this as a big red flag.  Fighting traffic tickets,  especially reckless driving tickets must be handled by a professional traffic ticket attorney.  Always try and keep the points off your license so you don't have an increase in your insurance premiums, once points go on your record they are typically on your record for 3 to 5 years based on the severity of the traffic infraction.  Do yourself a favor hire a qualified Jacksonville traffic ticket attorney.  Fill out  the form above to contact the Jacksonville attorney.

12/8/10 : Florida Traffic Ticket

In Florida we are on the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Point System, where certain point values are assigned to various moving violations and other infractions for traffic tickets. With every infraction, points accumulate on your driving record, and can have negative effects (like a suspended license) if you accumulate too many in a designated period of time.

When you get a traffic ticket (especially; a Jacksonville Speeding ticket), your driving record will reflect the point violation for the infraction. You may be eligible for Florida traffic school to avoid getting points on your driving record. Or you can hire a traffic ticket attorney to help you fight your traffic violation in traffic court.

Having points on your driving record may also result in an increase in your insurance premiums, which may hurt you more in the long run. Attending traffic school or hiring a traffic ticket lawyer to assist you in fighting your ticket will remedy your chances of having

The following is a list of common Florida traffic ticket violations that many Florida drivers make that you should avoid:

  • Driving too fast
  • Speeding
  • Following to closely
  • Reckless driving
  • Careless driving
  • Driving too slow
  • Running red lights and stop signs
  • Tailgating
  • Unsafe passing
  • Failure to use turn signals
  • Failure to stay in your lane
  • Not allowing a merge
  • Failure to yield
  • Blocking an intersection
  • Bad manners such as obscene gestures or littering
  • Ignorance of laws, signs, and markings
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1/04/2011 Traffic tickets in Jacksonville Florida can be handled by an experienced ticket attorney. Most of these traffic lawyers handle large volume of cases on a weekly basis. Defending and Fighting accident traffic tickets in Jacksonville Florida requires an intimate knowledge of the rules of evidence in Florida. This is because many police reports fromaccident traffic tickets contain something called 'hearsay'. Generally, hearsay is inadmissible in court hearings if properly objected to by a skilled Jacksonville traffic attorney. If an exception to the hearsay rule does not apply, it may be possible to have the entire officer's report suppressed (deemed inadmissible). This is because evidence admitted at trial must be based on firsthand knowledge. If it is not based on firsthand knowledge or observations, then it is hearsay. Now, in most Florida traffic ticket cases involving an accident, the police officer was not present at the time that the accident occurred. Instead, he or she arrived later and wrote down what others said occurred. The Florida officer may also draw a diagram. Well, unless the witness actually shows up at the hearing, this evidence may never be admitted. The statements in the officer's report are not admissible because he or she has no personal knowledge of whether or not they are true. After all, the officer did not see what actually happened. His entire report is based completely on what others told him. Thus, many accident cases can be successfully challenged by properly utilizing the rules of evidence. For most cases dealing with Jacksonville traffic tickets and tickets from an accident can have a good outcome if you hire a experienced and knowledgeable Jacksonville traffic ticket attorney. Fight your ticket today.

11/21/2010 - Speeding violations can be fought on many different levels - today's post is about how we can beat a Jacksonville speeding ticket.

Jacksonville speeding tickets are usually issued through the use of a 'Speed Measuring Device', or what is mostly referred to as a SMD. In Florida , the majority of Speeding tickets are written based on either laser technology or Radar. These SMD - speed measuring devices are required to be properly tested, calibrated and utilized when a measurement is taken. The many ways in which we fight a Jacksonville speeding ticket is by collaterally attacking the accuracy of whether these devices were properly tested and used at the time that our client's speeding citation was issued. Our Florida Speeding attorneys fight speeding tickets throughout Florida.

These days it is ever so important to keep your driving clean. I talk to many different individuals who can't get hired due to a few tickets on their dmv record. Hire a Florida traffic ticket attorney and keep your record clean. Fill out the form above to speak t our law firm.

October 15, 2010 Excuses for Speeding ticket excuses ?

In Jacksonville Florida many people try to fight their speeding ticket with the following excuse. The most common excuse I hear from people in court for speeding is 'I was going with the flow of traffic.' Going with the flow doesn't matter. Everyone was speeding so everyone was breaking the law. 'Why was I the only one pulled over?' Maybe you had a brightly colored car, maybe you were in the lane most accessible to the officer, or it could be as simple as (bad) luck of the draw. The bottom line is you need to ask yourself 'how did my action suddenly negate the law?' Obviously, everyone else speeding doesn't suddenly make it legal for you to speed. Having to go to the bathroom doesn't suddenly make speed limits disappear. Use an experienced speeding ticket lawyer to fight your Jacksonville traffic ticket. The cost of a speeding ticket lawyer is very small compared to the increases you will receive on your insurance premiums. Fight your florida speeding ticket with a top traffic lawyer.

9/11/2010 - The following Jacksonville traffic attorney information is provided by a Jacksonville Traffic Attorney. Jacksonville speeding tickets are usually issued through the use of a 'Speed Measuring Device', or what is commonly referred to as a SMD. In Florida State, the overwhelming majority of speeding tickets are written based on either radar or laser technology. These Florida speed measuring devices are required to be properly calibrated, tested, and utilized when a measurement is taken. One of the many ways in which we fight Jacksonville speeding tickets is by collaterally attacking the accuracy of whether these devices were properly tested and used at the time that our client's traffic citation was issued. OurJacksonville Florida traffic ticket lawyers fight speeding tickets throughout Duval counties. Let a Jacksonville traffic Attorney fight your case and keep your insurance low.