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In Birmingham a speeding ticket can:

A speeding ticket in Birmingham may seem like a very simple speeding violation, but can still be just as severe as other states. If you are issued a speeding ticket, a traffic ticket lawyer should be consulted immediately. Birmingham traffic laws state that although you may have just been speeding at a certain penalty level, you could receive other infractions paired with the speeding ticket like endangered driving that can add more points to your license. Speeding tickets and violations can cause serious harm to your driving record, and finding a tough law firm that specializes in speeding ticket defense is imperative to fighting a speeding ticket.

Points for a speeding ticket in Birmingham can range from
1-25 MPH over the speed limit2 Points off of license
26 MPH or over the speed limit6 Points off of license

In Birmingham, a traffic ticket can:
Just because you have not hit the 12-14 point mark with traffic tickets does not mean that the traffic violations have no effect on the driver. Many times, the DMV in Birmingham, Alabama can ask the driver to take driver's education courses. It is always a good idea to seek out a traffic ticket lawyer that is well versed in the area's laws. Ticket Void pairs our users with top tier traffic attorneys and law firms to help you fight your case.

Other traffic violations in Birmingham can include
Suspended licenses can be very common for those with multiple traffic tickets. A license suspension can vary based on the amount of points given for traffic violations in a given period of time.
  • 12 to 14 points in a two-year period: 60 days
  • 15 to 17 points in a two-year period: 90 days
  • 18 to 20 points in a two-year period: 120 days
  • 21 to 23 points in a two-year period: 180 days
  • 24 and more points in a two-year period: 365 days
In addition to the license suspension. A driver must then have their license reinstated, which can cost a large amount. Not only will the state require a large fee, but your insurance company may require fees as well. Having a license reinstated can cost anywhere from $100 to $275 for alcohol related traffic violations. Don't let your traffic tickets get to this point, use Ticket Void to find a well-versed law office, so that a traffic ticket attorney can fight your case effectively.

Some violations include, but are not limited to:
Reckless driving/ reckless endangerment6 Points
Following too closely3 points
failure to yield right of way5 points
coasting2 points
Any alcohol or substance related charge6 points

The severity of these and many other infractions all depends on the amount of traffic ticket convictions a driver has on their record in that predetermined time frame. Many of these traffic violations carry heavy fines that can go as high as $400. If you are afraid you might be near your limit, or simply don't want your insurance rates to go up, consult a traffic ticket lawyer through Ticket Void immediately.


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