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Georgia Speeding Laws

Georgia Speeding Laws

If you receive a speeding ticket in Georgia you have two options: either roll over and accept the consequences or fight your ticket in court. While most people just accept the ticket, assuming there is nothing that can be done, it's not in your best interest to do so. See, speeding tickets in Georgia can do a lot more damage than the fine printed on them might indicate. Not only do you have to pay the ticket fines, but you also have to deal with higher insurance rates and points being tacked onto your license. These points could eventually add up, leading to a Georgia drivers license suspension. For this reason, you should consider fighting your speeding ticket. A sound strategy could help you get your speeding ticket dropped, saving you a lot of money and trouble.

Get started today by first educating yourself on Georgia speeding laws. The more you understand about Georgia traffic laws, the better equipped you'll be to make decisions surrounding your case. Also, you need to find the right Georgia speeding ticket lawyer to handle your case. All the information you need to get started is below.

Georgia's Tough Speeding Laws

Georgia speeding laws are among the toughest in the nation. The state does not allow you to take traffic school to drop a speeding ticket from your record. Furthermore, an additional $200 fine is tacked onto the tickets of those caught driving over 85 mph on highways or over 75 mph on two-lane roads. Simply put, the state of Georgia takes speeding very seriously. Which means not taking your traffic ticket in Georgia seriously will cost you.

Statue that Governs Speeding in Georgia

Georgia speeding laws are governed by statue 40-6-181.

Georgia Driver's License Points System

In Georgia, your driver's license will be suspended if you get 15 points within a 24 month period. If you're under the age of 21, you can have your license suspended for receiving just one 4 point violation.

Georgia Super Speeder Law

In the state of Georgia, there is a law known as the Super Speeder Law. The super speeder law states that any Georgia driver traveling over 74 MPH on a two-lane road or 84 MPH on any road in the state will receive an additional $200 in fines. While the additional fine may seem like nothing, keep in mind that a super speeder classification on a ticket is treated as a reckless driving offense. Reckless driving is considered a criminal misdemeanor in the state of Georgia. In addition to increased jail time, your insurance company will consider a a high-risk driver, increasing your insurance costs.

Georgia Speeding Ticket Points

Speed ViolationPoints Per Infraction
15-19 MPH over the limit2 Points
20-24 MPH over the limit3 Points
25-34 MPH over the speed limit4 Points
34 MPH or more over the limit6 Points

Other traffic ticket violations in Georgia

A speeding ticket is not the only penalty you are susceptible to Georgia. Traffic violations can be just as detrimental to a driving record, and can carry much more severe penalties. The truth is, they can also be paired with a speeding violation. Having a 10 point ticket from speeding and reckless driving is a DMV record killer for some drivers. Not fighting these infractions can be a deal breaker, and ruin your life. Practiced traffic ticket attorneys can help protect you and argue a case that will save your record and livelihood.

Traffic ViolationPoints for Infraction
Improper starting of a parked vehicle3 Points
Reckless driving4 Points
Passing on hill or curve4 Points
Illegally passing a school bus6 Points

Can I Fight My Georgia Speeding Ticket?

Absolutely. Losing your license in Georgia can require a $210 reinstatement fee. You can and probably should fight your Georgia speeding ticket. After all, you've already seen the extensive penalties a speeding ticket carries: ticket fines, insurance rate hikes, and points added to your driver's license. You don't have to simply roll over and accept your punishment. Fighting a traffic ticket to save your Georgia driving record and preventing a suspended license should be your first choice. So fight back, and get those speeding charges dropped from your record. Get started by finding the right traffic ticket lawyer in Georgia to represent you in court.

The success of your speeding ticket case is dependant upon the lawyer you choose to handle your case. Remember, speeding laws in Georgia are harsh and complex. Make sure the lawyer you choose is well versed in them and has an extensive record of success in handling and winning speeding ticket cases. An experienced lawyer is a direct investment in your success.

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