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Colorado Speeding Laws

Speeding tickets happens to the best of us, and it doesn't mean you're a bad driver. So, what does this speeding ticket mean for you? This overview of Colorado speeding laws will help you understand exactly what you're facing.

Colorado speeding laws and traffic laws operates by a point system. The information below highlights how the accumulation of too many points will result in your license being suspended:

  • Adult Driver (21 and older): 12 points in any 12 consecutive months; 18 points in any 24 consecutive months
  • Minor Driver (18 thru 20 years of age): 9 points in any 12 consecutive months; 12 points in any 24 consecutive months; 14 or more points between the ages of 18-21
  • Under the Age of 18: 6 points in 12 consecutive months; 7 points prior to turning 18

Statute that governs Colorado Speeding Laws: 42-4-1101.

FAQs about Colorado Speeding Laws

What if I didn't mean to speed? Colorado speeding laws are based on the strict liability principle. This means that your intent doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the speed you were caught driving at. Whether or not you knew the speed limit is irrelevant.

What are the Colorado speeding penalties? The exact fines for a speeding ticket in Colorado depend on which city the violation occurred in. One wonderful feature of Colorado Drivers License is the states decision to leave minor offenses that occurred in other states off your record. However, the fines are dependent upon how many miles per hour you were exceeding the speed limit by.

How many points will my license be penalized? The points tacked on your license for speeding violations are the same throughout the entire state. If you're penalized more than 12 points within a year, your license will be taken away for up to one year.

Here are the points attached to each speeding violation:

  • Speeding five to nine mph over the limit - 1 point
  • Speeding ten to nineteen mph over the limit - 4points
  • Speeding twenty to thirty nine mph over the limit - 8 points
  • Speeding 40 or more mph over the limit - 12 points

Can I fight my speeding ticket? You bet! You have the right to a fair speeding ticket defense. Of course, it's best to have a traffic ticket attorney oversee your case. They'll focus your case on the important evidence to ensure you have the best defense possible. Even if a lawyer can't get the ticket completely dropped, they may be able to convince the judge to lessen the fines and points tacked on your license.

Challenge your Colorado Speeding Ticket

Speeding tickets can cause far more damage than the initial fines might indicate. They can also cause your insurance rates to shoot through the roof for years to come. That's why you need to hire a Colorado speeding ticket lawyer who can give you a fair defense in court. An expert's insider knowledge will give your case the structure and clarity needed when standing before the judge.

Colorado Speeding Ticket Lawyer

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