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Arizona Speeding Laws

Unique Arizona Driver's License Suspension

In Arizona, if you receive 8 or more points against your license in a 12 month period, your license could be suspended for one full year. With speed traps set up all throughout the state, it's conceivable that even the safest driver could fall victim to this strict points system.

Statute that Governs Speeding in Arizona

Arizona speeding and traffic laws are governed by section 28-701.

Arizona Driver's License Points System

Like most states, Arizona uses a points system to put an end to repeat speeding offenders. However, Arizona's point threshold for license suspension is lower than most states. All it takes is an accumulation of 8 points in a 12 month period to create the possibility of a one year license suspension.

The section below outlines the point penalties in the Arizona legal system.

  • Speeding - 3 points
  • Hit and run accidents - 6 points
  • Drag racing - 8 points
  • Reckless driving - 8 points
  • Exhibition of speed - 8 points
  • DUI - 8 points
  • Aggressive driving - 8 points
  • All other driving violations - 2 points

Are you starting to get an idea of how this points system works? In theory, just one traffic stop could cause your license to immediately be taken away for up to one full year. This will cause huge spikes in your insurance rates, and it could cause you to lose your job as you don't have a way to get around.

It's crucial that you take every speeding ticket with the highest level of concern. Don't just assume you have to accept the ticket and pay for it. Talk to a qualified speeding ticket attorney about your case.

Can I Fight My Speeding Ticket?

You bet you can! Speeding ticket cases are not the slam dunks the state wants you to believe. Every day, motorists fight their speeding charges and win! It all comes down to gathering evidence, educating yourself on Arizona speeding laws, and, most importantly, finding the right speeding ticket attorney in Arizona.

Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Arizona

Arizona traffic laws are highly complex. Not every lawyer understands the intricacies of speeding ticket cases, and not all lawyers have the skills to give you the defense you deserve.

You need to find a speeding ticket lawyer in Arizona who specializes in cases like yours. You need to find a lawyer with a proven track record of success in Arizona speeding ticket cases.

Thankfully, finding the right lawyer for your needs has never been easier. Ticket Void has an online directory of the top speeding ticket lawyers in Arizona. All you have to do is select the city nearest you from the list below, and you'll have access to the best lawyers in your community. Save your license by fighting your ticket today!